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twinflames, askdeano, If you are experiencing amazing synchronicities with another person, have unexplained visions, dreams, or sensations, these are all part of the awakening process, in some cases linked to a Twin Flame journey. The experience that I share are from all of my life lessons.  You will receive a unique perspective to what many are experiencing – it is one that combines the body, mind and soul. These three are so interdependent –  when one neglects to work on one of them, it is impossible for the others to merge together. The merging of the three is crucial to ascension, and creating a life in love, peace and harmony.

You will be given honesty and truth, as well as a perfectly balanced view on where you are in the process.  The aim is to guide and share all that is needed to be done in order for you to move forward and achieve transformation.  You will do the work, this is something that I am unable to do for you – it is an investment in your own self, and one that is going to bring you the biggest rewards of your life – True peace and Love.

It is important to offer some way of delivering down to earth, simple advice and guidance to those who are simply lost or confused by all that is out there in the wonderful world of the internet.  You will get my honest, humble opinion and properly structured guidance, which is gleaned from my own personal experiences and the University of Life!

I provide help to those seeking assistance with expanding their consciousness or those that are on a twin flame journey.  I offer free consultations to everyone – it is my service to humanity. As many of you awaken to a new reality and begin to witness the truth of where you are really at in your life, it is important to know where to turn for advice and guidance.

I will be 100% open and honest whilst respecting your limits. I aim to be your confidant, friend, guide and your teacher. I will provide you with the tools and framework in which to reach a place of peace and tranquility. You will do the work yourself as only you can achieve the desired end result.

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Twin Flames Help – Divine Partnership Help

How Can I Assist You?

Having been involved in a physical relationship with my beloved, whilst neither twin flames helpof us realised the connection, we were feeling and experiencing every aspect of the Twin Soul Union.  I continue to live through the twin flame experience on a daily basis, this is why I offer Twin Flames help!

A Twin Soul or Twin Flame journey is not a romantic love affair between two individuals, it is not about romance at all, far from it.  Even though the very early stages of your physical connection may feel like it!!  Through out your physical experience you will feel so many wonderful sensations inside you. The type of feelings you have never felt before, as if you are on another planet, or in a trance.  Then, the trials and tribulations begin!!

Twin Flames Help

Working with me allows you the ability to share your experience in a confidential manner, we can communicate via voice or mail, whichever you prefer. Our discussions are strictly private, and your personal details are never stored or shared with anyone.

You will be provided with useful tools and information that will help you understand more about yourself. We will discuss what is needed to ease the pain you will experience.  I promise to be absolutely 100% honest, so be prepared to hear what someone else sees in you!

During the sessions you will be given some psychological tools that will help you deal with your every day needs. As well as spiritual tools that will help you to complete this journey with yourself.  You can count on me to be there to hold your hand and guide you along the way, but you have to be prepared to invest your time and effort into this work.

You may will feel like walking away, many times during this process.  It may feel that I am pushing you too hard or too far. When you stop and think you will realise it is you stopping yourself.

Some refer to me as a Blue Ray Twin Flame, some call me a philosopher or psychic, others call me clairvoyant or a mystic, it does not really matter in the work we will do together as labels have a tendency of attracting stigma and expectations! When all is said and done we are all physic and have wonderful abilities waiting to be unlocked.

If you would like some twin flames help  book a complimentary session check my calendar!

Deano’s Ramblings – Articles to Help You

Articles And Guidance That Are Real!

As an empath and a Twin Soul there is so much to say… I produce a range of articles, poems and videos that reflect my own personal experiences and understandings. I suppose in a way these are teachings or sharing of knowledge.  You will find my book “Love Outside The Box” full of guidance and assistance that will answer many questions.

In addition my ramblings are my way of giving back to the community, they are my opinion and views based up on all that I experience daily. They are a way of reaching those that need transparent and truthful information about what is really going on! This is a spiritual awakening – it is about lifting the veils of illusion, and understanding that you are able to take control of you own life and live a stress free, fulfilling and rewarding existence, without the need for society or family templates to control who you are.

I myself have travelled to many different countries, rubbed shoulders with many different cultures and society classes – it has allowed me to see the world from a very unique perspective.

No matter what has happened to me throughout my life, I have so many wonderful things to be grateful for, and I have so much more to see and experience….learning to live without expectation, in the here and now is a challenge for any person. It is something I have to remember each and every day, today is the last one on this planet, I will love every passing minute of it and appreciate all that it brings.

In addition all of my work is posted on this website, or via social media such as face book, twitter and You Tube. I am very proud that some of my articles have published by OM Times and Spirit Science over recent months…my messages must resonate far and wide.

If you would like to know more about my transformation sessions or to have a free one-on-one Skype session, check my calendar today!

A short selection of articles appear below:

Let The Games Begin

The Merging Of The Feminine And Masculine Energies There is some wind noise throughout the video, but not too imposing! Lots of news, as promised – amazing what a weekend with a Shaman brings about! Feels so much the movie “The Matrix”. I sense it is a time for the games to begin, as the …

Mission To USA – Event Pages

USA – June & July 2017

Helping others is something that comes naturally to me, and I have decided to spread my wings to share the vibes with you in USA.  Working in conjunction with a couple of dear soul sisters, I intend to create small groups who can benefit from a few hours of the energies and words.

The event venues will be announced in the near future.  Please scroll down the page below to choose the closest city to you, LA, Las Vegas or Dallas.

Additional Tools to Help

Additional Tools That Will Help You!

These additional tools will help you to reach and maintain a point of balance on your journey – Depending on what you are feeling or the sensations going on in your life.  These tools will assist in a myriad of ways, of course each one shall resonate with you – should it not resonate then please don’t do it!

Essential reading

For those that understand that psychology and spirituality are intertwined. We can not heal one without the other, so the following books we suggest

I’m OK You’re OK -A best seller and has been around since 1969 – it allows us to put into perspective our thought processes and how to realign them to help us in our daily life today.

Toxic Parents In this remarkable self-help guide, Dr. Susan Forward draws on case histories and the real-life voices of adult children of toxic parents to help you free yourself from the frustrating patterns of your relationship with your parents — and discover a new world of self-confidence, inner strength, and emotional independence.

Meditation and Releasing

Be guided by your intuition and choose the most appropriate clip.

Some will produce tears as they are releasing lover frequency energy – so don’t be suprised if you start crying. Allow it all to come out, and be sure to drink water after each meditation.

I truly believe these select few meditations are key to cleansing, clearing and closing doors on our current life experiences.

This 1st clip – throat chakra meditation – this occasionally will allow you to drift into a state of peace and harmony, the deeper you go the better for you

This 2nd clip – Inner child meditation – will allow you to connect and bond with your inner child, and make inner peace with yourself

This 3rd clip – letting go of past traumas – will allow you to let go of any issues present or past in your life – this is likely to bring tears !

This 4th clip – 12 Chakra meditation for oneness, unity and truth – very powerful alignment of the Chakras

This 5th clip – OM meditation, this will ground and balance your energies – good to do once a week, or more if necessary