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At Peace with Oneself!

morning dewThis article attempts to explain the importance of the ego, it’s purpose and how it affects your daily life, which will then demonstrate the ultimate challenge of committing yourself to your own truth, and not that pre-programmed consciousness you have each day.  Our ego is effectively the defence mechanism, that drives and protects us from daily life situations, as humanity has evolved the ego has become far more prominent.  The reference to the alter-ego has been around for millennia, yet is has been used to label psychological or behavioural disorders, in other words it has become stigmatised.  The (alter-)ego, is what allows us to get our way through every day life, it manages the triggers and situations that we are presented with, and causes the instant reaction that most of us experience.  Bouts of anger, emotion, aggression, retaliation, vindictiveness etc are common reactions to a confrontational or uncomfortable situation.

When one is performing daily functions like waking, going to work, having lunch, working more, and then going home to carry on yet more work and then going to sleep – we are acting like robots.  Pre-programmed that this is the normal way of life, this is what is expected of us, to set a good example to our children and family – we are working like troopers, to pay for our home, education, children, car and vacations.  We are also supposed to be contributing to our retirement fund, which is when society says we can take the remaining years of our life out to pasture, and effectively enjoy the fruits of our labour.  When we look at the state of humanity today, and the way that pensioners are actually struggling to live a normal life based on their work of say 45-50 years – is this the reward we deserve for all that hard work of pleasing others?  How many pension funds struggle to support their contributors, how many have failed to provide suitable incomes, or how many will survive into the future with the state of the world financial markets.  Don’t forget most pension funds play the markets – they are gambling your hard earned cash, as if they were in a casino playing roulette.  This is the reality – there is no emotion attached to losing 50-100m USD in a day’s trading, as it is not the traders funds, so they really don’t give a damn if they win or lose, they get paid anyway.  They are trading with their ego’s.

This societal view is so ego based – you must, you will, without this you are nothing, got to have the latest and newest, it is all about status – we are all working for a place in someone else’s ball game, and a game we will never be able to participate in as it is full of sharks and whales all clambering to make as much money as possible, to ensure their own personal success.  There is no harmony, comradeship, sense of pride or any morales, it is literally a cut throat world.  This is ego based no matter which way you try to look at it – for one persons success there will always be one persons loss, this is a fact of life.

The ego, when in the right place, sits outside of us – it simply observes and guides us.  It will appear when it senses the need to, and it will cleverly begin to show you solutions, or reactions that should be implemented at that time and space.  Once the reaction is implemented, it will continue to fire more and more energy, as it has you by the short and curly hairs; it has successfully managed to trigger you, and the unravelling of a sequence of events that are ego based.  The ego will always be present, but we shall learn very carefully how to recognise and manage it, for it will more likely than not lead us to a place of discomfort and loss.

When we are confronted with the need to make an immediate decision we have a choice to make – and the image of the devil and angel on the shoulderego is absolutely fitting.  The ego will always be on the side of the devil, as it leads us to temptation – and we all no the consequence if we take that path!  This is when the downward spiral gets’ us – and the adrenalin runs, and our thought process becomes clouded.  Ego based decisions will normally have a negative impact on any situation, therefore it is always important to recognise yourself in truth.

When we have reached a place of Oneness our ego should be sitting outside of us, above us, as a hawk hunting in the sky, this way we have peace and we are able to continue a beautiful life knowing we are protected at all times in the event of need.  The ego, in it’s proper place is there to protect and serve us.  When one has an open heart we normally associate with like minded others, but be sure, there will always be a predator on the look out to take advantage of this open-heartedness.  They are everywhere we look, so it is important to listen to your higher self when around this type of person – your natural senses will tell you something is not right, it will trigger a defence mechanism in you, your soul is going into protection mode.  The alerts will come to you in many forms, but the sense of knowing something is not right is normal.  When you sense this, be aware this is your ego is on stand-by to come out to play; in most instances this is good, as long as you recognise it as such.  In other cases the reactions will start to follow.

As you have these ESP moments, be aware of them, and treat them as an asset, try to figure out who or what is causing this – and respond accordingly in a peaceful, respectful manner.  If you need to take a time out, do so – never be afraid to extract yourself from an uncomfortable position.   Even the most stressful situations you can create a few minutes pause – if not then reserve your decision until you get chance to assess all that there is.  Your senses are not wrong – they are there to protect you, and those you love.  Recognition of the ego is important, particularly on the Divine Union path, it requires work, exercise, determination and most of all strength – for you are overcoming yourself and all that has been preprogrammed over eons.

The ego will not disappear, it will always be with you – it is how you use it to your advantage that is key, allow it to serve you well and the ability to manifest through positive intention will increase tremendously.  It is all really in your mindset – with an ego in the right place one can achieve almost anything, that is for the good of you and humanity.  Focus on your world not on that created by society to get you to conform, focus on your own-self first, and those in your immediate life (children/spouse) – nothing else is more important than that.  No-one else is going to pick up your life and carry you along.

Your life is in your hands – your peace comes from within. Allow your ego to be stationed outside of yourself in the 5th dimension, and you will find yourself in a much better place.  Your life will become completely different, unlike ever before – it is based on all new templates that you will create, that only serve your highest good, an no-one else’s.  When all is said and done, enjoy your own life to the fullest, take a break when you wish to, not when you are told to, claim your own life, and create all that you wish for.  Yes it is very difficult, but the rewards are absolutely amazing, for then you become truly in touch with what is really for your highest good.

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