Special Message for Twin Flames

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A Special Message from Deane


As the day unfolded into a wonderful warm autumn’s delight, I spent a long time pondering on the banks of the Danube, watching how the water flows by. I then began to have words and messages appear in my mind’s eye, and began to receive whatever I was supposed to!! Very strange change in energies, expansion of the mind, and a profound calling to say what needs to be said. This is only the beginning I feel, the best is yet to come – I have never felt so empowered in all my life, it really is a bizarre yet wondrous feeling.

I was urged to make a video, so here goes ladies and gentleman – another one straight from the heart. There is a point in the video where my voice and mouth go out of sync (unknown reason why!) and you will notice the colour tone also change – sort of freaked me out a bit to…must be some higher power around at the important bit!

Love and Light


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