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I would like to share some of my Path back to Oneness with you today. Please know that this is only the perspective of my journey and my Truth and read with a discerning heart.

The Union that we all seek with our Twin is as unique as we are. There are no clear path for the masses to follow. There are no teachers who can direct us, no experts that can promise results. There are only two people in the entire population of this planet that can describe the relationship of Twin Flame’s. Those two people are the Twin’s involved.

If we allow ourselves to be caught up in what other people seem to be gaining or achieving, we are missing out on the miracles in our own journey! If we get caught up in timelines and predictions, we are only prolonging our own journey back to Oneness. We are being called to rely on our selves, rely on the Love we share with our Twin, to enter into Union with our Twin.

There is a reason our Twin is our mirror. There is a reason that we are faced with our reflection in the mirror of our Twin. It is so that we can look into the mirror of our Twin and see the Love we have for them, and potentially realize that the Love we have for them is a reflection of the Love we have for ourselves. I believe the reason that we come to a point where we no longer share physical space with our beloved is so that we may learn to feel unconditional Love for ourselves. After all, if we do not Love ourselves, how may we Truly Love another, romantically or otherwise?

If we have encountered our Twin in any way, can we Truly be a part from them? There may be obstacle’s to being with our beloved, yet is there any True separation? What if instead of perceiving the time we are not with them as “separation”, we look at it as a time of preparation? What if instead of mourning what we do not have, we celebrate what we are building? What if instead of seeking advice from outside sources, we looked to our own hearts for answers? What if instead of trusting the information we pay for from others, we trust the Love that we feel in our heart? And what if the biggest obstacle facing us in our Union is not our Twin but us?

As my friend likes to say, there is no easy button. There is no one outside of us who may provide us the way back to our Twin, for the Love we have for our beloved is not something that comes from outside of us is it? If our Twin is our mirror, then should we not be looking inward for what ever it is we may be looking for?

It is time for us to take responsibility for our own unique journey. It is time for us to stop looking outside of ourselves for answers. It is time for us to come together and share our journey, to help encourage others, to be encouraged. We do not have to be alone as we journey back to Oneness, yet we alone can do the work required to accomplish our dreams. It is time to create new dynamic relationships with our beloved. We have left behind blue prints, constructs, what “should” be. Each and every moment we are creating our reality and it is ok that it does not look like some one else’s. How could it? Each of us is on a unique path.

The Path that has lead me to my beloved has been an ever inward journey. It has had it’s peak’s and valley’s. There has been many tears shed, many pains revisited. There has been doubts and darkness. Yet more importantly, there has been victories and celebrations. There has been self discovery and hopefully a bit of wisdom! And as I shared with my beloved, I would do it all again if it meant being with her.

We have all agreed to come to this place at this time. We knew what we were getting into and the challenges that we would face. We have absolutely brought all, ALL, the tools we need with us. I believe it is time for us to take the plunge. Will we trust ourselves, our hearts and follow the advice from within or will we listen to others and hope that we will find outside of us what can only come from within? I have found that the more I listened to my heart the closer it brought me to my beloved. After all, is not our connection to our beloved felt from the inside?
Thank you for letting me share a part of my journey with you, it is an honor!

Rae K. H.


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