Dark Night of the Soul!

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Dark Night of the Soul!


When you pass all the dark things from the past

And the memories put to rest, finally, at last

Their time is in the right space and dimension

Never to harm and shall remain in suspension


A new light is shining ahead and bright

Its time to begin again and make it right

To fill myself fully with white light and love

From the stars and moon that shine bright from above


Creating a space where I can truly be

Free from harm and to live a life in harmony

At one with myself in more ways than one

Plenty of things to do and say, work to be done


Marching on air now and this path with ease

Looking around being happy and able to please

It shall be good as I now am tall and strong

Ready to conquer challenges as they come along


To learn life and endure it free from pain

Only this path will give all that there is to gain

This path I know shall test the very best of me

But I always remember the truth that it shall be


Expressions of intent and desires shall always be true

As only truth shall take you along and through

Believe in what you say and do each day

Life will reward you with work, rest and play


It is as simple as this, and as hard as it gets

You have done all the work and repaid the debts

Wake up and breath and feel what you see

And be at one with yourself in love and in harmony.


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