A Call to Union

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thD38N7G1BThere is a call for all Twin’s to begin to come into the fullness of Union. Yet for this to happen, we each must be in Union with ourselves first. Please understand that I am sharing what I have found to be True for me and my journey and read with a discerning heart and trust the path that you find yourself on.

We, Twin Flame’s, have all come to a point where the old paradigm of what Love is, what it looks like, how we experience it, is being broken down and rebuilt. There is no Universal way for Love to be manifested. As we each discover our individual Truth, this Truth will define what Love is for the individual. After all, who may define the feelings of another? Who may speak what is in our heart?

Yet what does this mean? It means that we have begun to travel into uncharted territory, defined only be the individual experiencing their journey. We were not made to conform to a single idea, definition, of what is or should be. We are here to experience our journey and share that experience with our Twin and the world. We are here to be the catalyst to help shift world consciousness from a materialistic, follow the leader, model into a model of unconditional Love that begins with first learning to Love ourselves without condition. This then translates into unconditional Love for our Twin, who is a part of us in a way that can only be fully understood by our Twin. As we begin to understand what it means to Love ourselves without condition, we begin to be an expression of that Love, which shines from us as a bright Light in a world saturated in darkness.

The further along we travel, we potentially begin to realize that the idea of “separation” is another example of misinformation. We are ever with our Twin, as our Twin is ever with us. We may not be physically sharing space with our Twin, or communicating with them in the 3d, yet are they ever far from our thoughts or hearts? It is difficult to not be in physical Union, yet there is so much more to this journey then the physical!!! We are all, our Twins and us, going through a process that will bring us to the Union that we have all dreamed about and longed for! We are coming to a place where the Universe is doing all it can to make sure that when the time for our Union comes, we will be fully prepared to embrace our self, our Twin, as we should! Without and conditions or baggage to get in the way!

If we have been blessed with meeting our Twin, then please take heart! For we would not have crossed Path’s if it was not meant to lead into a harmonious Union here on Earth! We would not have come so far, only to fall short! This does not mean life will be easy or uncomplicated, yet we are meant to be with our Twin. There may still be areas of our life, this one or past one’s, that we are putting to rest. There may still be obstacle’s to overcome, yet the time of Union has begun. We must continue to look within, for it is in our heart the all our answers lay. We have brought everything we needed to get through this with us when we first decided to manifest this life!!!

If there was one thing that has proven True for me along the way, it is the importance of following one’s heart. I believe that our Soul speaks to us quietly from our heart. We Love from there. After all, we, Twin Flame’s, are the embodiment of unconditional Love and Light. Our ego will tell us what is impossible, what is illogical. Yet it is from our heart that hope spring’s from. It is from our heart that the courage to face another difficult day comes from. It is from our heart that we hear the soft whisper of our Twin asking us to hold on, to wait for them. The question I find myself asking: is there anything I would not do to be in Union with my Beloved? Is there no depths of myself I would leave unexplored to be with my Twin?

Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my journey with you!


Rae K. H.

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