A Day of Service to the Twin Community

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A Day of Service – to spread the love and light!

Warmth is in your handsI was woken at silly o’clock this morning and was privileged to see the final phases of this current moon, as well as the sunrise – Incredible actually, a wonderful combination to witness – there is always a reason why we wake at night – just have to figure out why…and moments like this make it all clear.

I was in my garden this morning and picked up an old walnut that had been dropped by the tree I have a close link with – we use nature to give healing and to heal ourselves (you should try it sometime!), we give to mother nature, she spreads our words and wisdom through her network to the places it is meant to go, and in return She brings us inspiration .

The past few days has been eventful, confusing, wonderful, inspiring and really tremendous growth has been achieved by us all – can you feel your insides all warm and fuzzy, and your signs coming more and more often?  Now here is the difficult bit, with all these new signs these will feed your ego – the monkeys are awake, and playing their drums, flute and cymbals, just like clockwork – are you feeding them bananas and allowing your thoughts to go off in a direction that is doubting, wanting more, worry, fear, or simply wanting to know for sure?  This is the ego playing with you, setting that doubt and sowing the seeds we have been clearing for the past few months.

I have seen it the past 24 hours myself – and I am hearing and talking to twins today, who have clearly got the ego in full swing – please, please, please don’t let them play with you – feed them banana’s filled with love and light – if your imagination is flying, take a walk, do something, change what you are doing – go for a swim and enjoy nature – but don’t doubt your feelings for your twin.  It is hard, you should now know when it is happening, so when you do….stop, breath and listen to your heart…replace these thoughts with the love from your heart and send the monkeys away to enjoy their love filled bananas.

For those of you who feel the need to share with someone – I am offering my services today and Sunday free of charge – I have committed this time to help the community rise to another level, to help them overcome their last thoughts and fears – I will give anyone that ask one hour of my words and knowledge to help them put these things to sleep – in readiness for the wonderful things that are coming – I can feel this each day, this feeling of the almighty, as if a Tsunami is coming, but a Tsunami of love that will flood the planet with a sensation never seen before.

Send me an email if you wish to take advantage of my guidance – don’t be afraid, if you want comfort check out my testimonials!

Contact me deane.thomas@tdcgroup.ru I am on European time, and will be available until midnight tonight, and from 0900 on Sunday until 1500.

Sending you all love and light, have a blessed day – you are not alone – you are ALL ONE.


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