A New Bond with Gaia!

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Express Yourself Without Fear!

morning dewAs we wake up each morning there seems to be a new sense of purpose, a new quest or zest for life, or shall I say the meaning of life.  As I woke today I noticed something different, a change in the season – I was pleasantly suprised when I looked outside to see the morning dew glistening on the grass and flowers, their nectar calling the bees’ and butterflies.  As I walked on the crisp, gentle grass I felt a new bond with mother nature – I recognised just how precious the seasonal cycles are.  To appreciate how Mother Nature truly functions for all – her amazing ability to give such wonderful pleasures in the simplest of forms.

This new bond is important for us all to remember, for without this how can we begin to appreciate who, what or where we are – to connect with Gaia is necessary at the grass roots level (no pun intended) as this is where all creation on this planet began.  We are powerless to stop the effects of nature, yet we battle each day to extract the precious assets she yields – we do not replenish as Mother Nature does, we simply take, take take for our own selfish needs.  As a child we can remember our fascination with insects, spiders and all those creepy crawly things; we used to pick dandelions or daisies and give them as gifts to our friends or family; we used to catch flies and butterflies and see how they were up close.  These days we have very little sense of the daily battle Gaia is going through to preserve herself, yet she continues to work harder and harder to survive.

Throughout this journey to One, many of us have begun to appreciate the simple things, yet these are so complex in their own special way – much like the human psyche.  Perhaps we shall all go back to the basics of humanity and begin to understand really what our role is on this planet; I feel we shall all take a deep look at the cycle of a particular flower, and appreciate just how much is involved in that creation.  Go back to basics to appreciate the hard work Mother Nature goes through to produce a beautiful creation.  We too are beautiful creations, each and every one of us who walks around this planet should begin to appreciate just how beautiful we are.

I have recently been reading poetry by Pushkin and Mayakovsky, someone triggered this in my psyche, it has allowed me to really appreciate me as a man. When I was a teenager, I had a passion for theatre, the arts as well as poetry.  When I was studying we never looked outside of the curriculum for additional stimulus, to see what else is written, we never can appreciate the true value of the world without this important exposure to other cultures writings and performances.  When I read these fine works today, it does take me back to my teenage years, and allows me to see clearly how all of us have been programmed to accept what is the norm for the society or culture we live.  Isn’t it time we had a far more open mind about what has happened in our lives and that of others?  It is never too late to learn and appreciate another culture or civilisation – it allows us to expand our consciousness and in time will open our mind to the unexpected.

I strongly believe that all our society is programmed for the single soul purpose of control – those that have taken time to travel the world, and ventured into unknown paths of discovery truly have a far more open mind, they have the ability to look outside the box for creative answers to issues.  As the population of the world increases, the quest for information is profound, and the internet is the “way forward”! How wrong can this be, so many make assumptions that what is written must be true – the information gateways!  The truth that is published in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and books – is the truth as determined by an editor, financier and other external powers; what attracts readers and loyal subjects, let’s give information that resonates to the masses, for the minority can be suppressed at the click of a button!

I have never been one to conform to societal demands; I never shall be.  My domain was created in January 2014, it came to life in May 2015 – I have no idea why I purchased the domain back then – but today it serves as a way for me to share my truth and my journey.  What I write may not resonate with many, this is OK we all have free will, I know that what I do write helps many to see through the veils of illusion.  The Universe is pushing hard to wake up as many as possible – the information portals are rife with speculation, confusion and so many theories about certain events.  This makes me laugh as it serves only one thing – further confusion! He said She said.  It causes controversy, divided opinions and in some cases animosity and violence – in other words it takes your eye away from YOUR world, and YOUR reality.

Never be afraid to express yourself – we are all beings of love, we are all capable and worthy of love.  You are the master of your own destiny, no-one else, you hold the keys to your own future – when you take control of your life fully, you can go where ever you want, whenever you want and with whom ever you want.  Your purpose in life is to fully enjoy all of YOU and YOUR creations.  When you look at the life cycle of a butterfly, how long does it live??  From when does it’s purpose begin and end??  We only see a part of her beauty when she is flying around us – what about the rest of her life cycle?  Apply this life cycle to your thought process, and allow the butterfly to enjoy the wonders of the world – you are worthy, you are love, enjoy it all for YOU.




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