A Perspective of Energy

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I would like to share some of my journey, some of what I have learned about myself and Masculine energy. Please know that I only speak from what I have learned to be True only for me. Please read with a discerning heart.

Through this journey with my Twin, I have had the opportunities to examine myself in the mirror that is my Twin. I saw the concepts of masculinity that I believe all men are taught. Yet like all men and women how we translate what we are taught into action is as unique as the individual.

The challenge, I beleive, for the masculine energy can be broken down to fight or flight. As men we are taught a rather rigid ideal of how we are suppose to act, how to react, what to feel, and more importantly what not to feel. And although these stereotypes are slowly being broken down, there is still a lot of work to do.

When the maculine energy comes in contact with the feminine counterpart, these ideals with which we have been programmed with begin to operate at a more intense pace. The need to provide, the need to be string, the need to protect. Again, how these translate are as unique as the individual. As these programs begin to operate, as the glow of first contact starts to fade, the masculine begins to realize that what has been programmed into us will not gain us what it is we are really looking for. As the we keep directing our masculine energy through the old understanding of relationships, we begin to break ourselves down. We begin to see the flaws in our thoughts towards our Flame, we begin to recognize the hurt we have been feeling and hiding is the same hurt we are placing on our Flame. Whether consciously or subconsciously, the masculine energy is confronted with something that had been left out of the programing. We have encountered something that took hold of our world view and turned it upside down.

The world we knew had roles for us, masculine and femine both. These roles have been set forth from the dawn of humanity. Gender roles. Through societies programing we have all been taught the ritual interactions of men and women. Yet what happens when those roles are confronted with a different paradigm? For the masculine, I believe, we retreat to a place of fight or flight. We have been confronted with the mirror of our Flame and seen the ebb and flow of Divine Feminine reach into us and reach places we had thought unapproachable. I cannot speak to the feelings of the Divine Masculine and the effect it has on the feminine. I imagine that strength and soldarity of True Divine Masculine energy must first seem rough and abrasive to the gentleness of feminine energy.

Now that both energies have been polarized in us and our Twin, the real work begins. The two energies, when first drawn to each other, are mired in the concepts we all build around ourselves. When the two energies first met, they were bogged by insecurities, doubts. What most refer to as separation, yet are we ever truly separate from them?

When we no longer are sharing physical space with our Flame, we are asked to look into the mirror and examine what has been left behind as our illusions were burned from us. We are asked to look at ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are. The two energies are reset. This looks differently for both energies. For the masculine, I believe we revert, at some level to our baser instincts. Afterall, everything we thought we knew has been burned away. I believe for the feminine, it looks like reconnecting with the natural flow of life. Maybe more connectivity with nature, more tidal. Forgive me if I presume to far.

Meeting our Flame is our highest blessing, filled with Love and wonderment! Yet it is also our biggest challenge. We are asked to look at our hurts, what we believe to be ugliness about us, and fall in Love with us as we Truly are. In that journey we will feel many things strongly. Anger, Love, frustration and everything else. It is up to us to set boundries for ourselves around toxic people, Twin or not. Yet if we each took a moment and realized that not only has our world been turned upside down, so has our Flame’s. And I think the key to unlocking Union is by unlocking ourselves from the burdens placed on us by society, by family, by friends and strangers. And most importantly, freeing ourselves from what ever burdens we have chosen to carry with us.

I believe that in sharing our journey’s with each other we may find common ground. I believe in sharing our story’s with each other we find more that we agree on and can build on. Our world is changing and we have volunteered to come here and do our part. I believe that understanding each other, getting to know each other, is the first step. My name is Rae and this is some of what I believe to be True.


Rae K. H.th45JYYO38

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