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I would like to share some of my thoughts and my journey with you. Please know that I share only what I have found to be True for me along my journey. Read and consider with a discerning heart.

Before we realized we were Twin’s, we began a journey. We come from varying backgrounds and walk’s of life. The one thing we all share in common is a search for Truth. Not some one else’s that we learn, memorize, repeat. We all were in search of OUR Truth.

As I consider the beginning of my inner Truth, I was guided to the places and people that helped me define what it is that my Truth looks like. Even on fb, I find kindred Souls who have aided me along this journey.

Not at any point along this journey have any of these people ever charged me money. At no point have the people who have shared their Truth with me asked me for any monetary recompense. I have asked friends for a Tarot reading. You know what she asked for in return? A tarot reading.

There is a time and place for the sale of goods, an exchange of service. Yet I believe that I am a Twin Flame here to anchor Love and Light for others. Is it not inherent that I share that Love and Light with others as a gift to myself and others? If some one came to me for a reading, what better represents my Love for them? To freely share my experience, trifling as it may be, or to charge someone in search of their Truth? Which better fits the ideal of holding a Sacred space of Love and Light for me? After all, we are each unique individuals at different points in our journey.

I cannot say what is right for another, for who are any of us to judge the journey of another? For myself, I have always found that the Universe, Source, provides us the teachers we need when we need them. Not always when, or who, we want. For me and my journey, the best advice I have ever received has always come from the hearts of people, and the worst advice always came at a price I usually wasn’t prepared to pay.

If we believe ourselves to be Twins, it is not just for our Twin that we are to Love. It first begins with us, then we learn to Love others. We do not always to have to appreciate the behavior of others, yet we are called to actively demonstrate our Love. We are called to be understanding of others. And each other. We have all experienced our Truth, in our own way. Let us not impose our Truth on others. Instead of looking at the differences, let us celebrate the similarities! Instead of arguing with each other, let us communicate with each other!

I believe that we are being called to be more active in our Love, to shine our Light brighter. If this is True for me, what is it that I can do to brighten some one’s day today?

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, my journey with you. Namaste.

10527b59da23fd3aa24953201b1e3b2aRae K. H.

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