A Pivotal Point Is Here!

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The Energy Shift Is Live – Which Way Are You Going!


As many of you have witnessed and/or experienced a pivotal point is upon us, and we are being reminded where and/or who is calling us!  Myself was struck with some very profound physical sensations in the past 24 hours, including tiredness, lethargy, head and muscle aches as well as the need to sleep.   The intensity was something I have not felt for nearly two years; the roll out also affected many of my soul family and loved ones.  For some it may feel like a purging or cleansing, for others it may be chakra openings or other heavy awakening signs and symptoms.

What is important during these energy shifts is to recognise them, and to do our best to allow them to flow through us, yes they are very uncomfortable and in some cases painful – there is very little we can do except stay grounded and focused on our own beliefs.  Do not allow the ego to beat you up – these symptoms will disappear when you rest and relax yourself.  It OK to take precious time for yourself, no matter what you are going through during the build up to the holiday season.

With the solstice approaching and the full moon on 25th December we should realise the planets are lining up in a Divine way, and all that I am personally witnessing show there is magic in the air and on the horizon.  All I can say is to keep your beliefs close to your heart, reach out to your soul family for guidance and support (for they truly know what you are experiencing) and allow the love to flow through you and to your beloved.

Do know the Universe is working her magic, and no matter what you may feel, remember, you are love, you are worthy and most importantly you are a beautiful loving soul experiencing the remnants of an out of date body and template.  Look forward to the new, and embrace it with all that you are, love.  Today is a new day, and the energies have certainly lifted in my life, with a sense of something cleansed and transformed or transmuted.  Listen to your heart and soul, and all will be well in Truth.


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