A sense of new balance – the change in equilibrium!

A sense of new balance – the change in equilibrium!
I have noticed the past few days a distinct change in my energy, of more understanding, of more knowledge and wisdom. I have experienced slightly more sleep, far more lucid dreams, more of my twin and her family, a closer bond/feeling with everything in my own family. I feel the change in my attitude, not so concerned with what is going on in the outside world, and more focused on using what I feel and sense, going with those gut feelings – seeing more and more signs from everywhere I go and with whom I interact, the ability to interpret my own messages and journal entries, after all these are all the answers to questions. I suppose I feel the male energy coming back into my persona, which in essence is necessary for one to be in harmony and balance for the next part of the journey. I have pursued rapidly, with a sense of urgency the completion of unfinished projects and ideas, as if this is meant to be, and it feels so damn good to finally see the fruits of my own work, and not the work I have always done for others. I am finally in touch with my reality, with my destiny and with my mission – the path is laid, whoever joins me on that journey is an invited guest who I chose to invite. My twin will decide when and if she is ready to join me also, but I sense and feel she has already made that decision at one level, the rest will come when the time is right. I wonder if any of you are also having similar sensations! Perhaps if you look at it from a different angle you will also see these things and realise separation is not so bad after all, as we know everything is OK both inside and out. Today is the most important day we have to appreciate anything in life, don’t trouble yourselves with tomorrow or next month or year, the Universe will take care of us, we just have to ask! Keep the flame burning and the light shining. X X X With love and light Deane

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