A wonderful new day! Twin soul journey continues

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A beautiful end to one and a wonderful beginning to another!

twin flame journey twin soul journey help and guidanceThe twin soul journey continues – as the day progressed yesterday I had to go into nature, so I walked along the banks of the River Danube in another direction to normal, it was a beautiful sunny day, was pleased to see people enjoying the river whether they were swimming, fishing or just sitting and watching the river flowing by, we begin to appreciate what wonders we have in front of our eyes.  I was happy to see dragonflies, ducks, snakes and butterflies enjoying what they do, after all they too have to live and survive – perhaps we will never comprehend what nature feels for herself, but for sure we can see the beauty, as well as the warnings she gives us – we are the caretakers of this planet, but the tendency is to take more than is necessary and really not give back too much – we see environmentalists desperately trying to save things, yet man tends to ignore this and take a bit more – this is not such a good human trait, yet it is conducive with how man has evolved – demand and greed, yet who is profiting? It certainly is not the provider of our sustenance, as she is struggling each day to repair the tremendous damage we cause each day.

Yesterday afternoon I had a lot of head pain, sinus issues and really the light became to much, so I had to take a snooze, which is most unusual for me – I actually rested for an hour, and woke with the pain gone and rested, as the evening progressed this amazing feeling began to fall over me, a feeling of calm, peace and love – a warmth so tender, and one that I have not felt before – it was a beautiful feeling that can only be described as heavenly.  I had been helping a lot of twins lately, and during the evening we were in contact, and one by one, I was hearing the news that they had to share, and really it is beautiful to witness such developments, to feel the change in others as the venture on this twin soul journey – to see their contact and plans begin to evolve and manifest; these are early days and certain obstacles need to be overcome, yet when we simply surrender it all, the wonders begin right before our very eyes.

I continued to help and counsel others, as I was feeling the energy growing inside of me – the desire to reach out and give service to the community at large, for others to see and feel the love and light – and it is true, love is contagious, we can touch another person very easily, just by being love, no matter how we are in communication, it is beautiful to witness transformations in mindsets and responses – we truly are helping each other on this journey through life on this planet.

I went to bed fairly late with a whole new feeling inside of me, I was laughing to myself, I was genuinely happy and full of love – when I woke this morning I saw that I had slept 7 hours! I know that I was dreaming, I felt them, my soul remembers them – I checked myself whether I was awake, and yes I woke with a new feeling again, I was smiling, I was happy, and it feels great!!  I am laughing as I am writing this as I recognise this feeling deep inside – the same feeling when I first hugged my twin – a deep warm sensation, as someone described it last night to me, “like eating a hot chocolate toffee pudding it may be gooey yet it’s rich and warm inside.” This is the very feeling, and this is love, this is happiness, and no matter what people may think and say – I like this feeling, and no-one will ever take it away from me.

What I do hear is a lot of changes occurring in many of us, it is not just one or two, it is hundreds, more likely thousands – there is a mass awakening happening, how we incorporate this into our lives is going to be interesting indeed – we for sure must believe this is also affecting our twin, for if we are going through this, so shall they – I do strongly feel myself being pushed/pulled to my twin soul, I have to resist sometimes the need to reach out and share these new feelings and sensations, you know it is like a school kid who wants to tell everyone what he has done, yet it is not time – I do get the signs daily, and more each day, I am in contact and I do share some things, I do get a response in a cryptic way – that leads to the mind wandering, and then I quickly stop that as I realise it is my ego playing – I have to be patient and allow this orchestra of angels to play with my heart, let the love flow truly through my veins and allow the Universe to work her wonderful magic.

Allow the love to flow through your veins, fill your life with happiness, peace and tranquillity – and remember you are love, you are you therefore you are!

Sending all of you love and light!


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