About Deano

The writings I share are all based on personal experience and knowledge, for many years I have had a curiosity for personal growth and development, well for all my life when I look at it. Today, I am teaching and helping others to grow and understand their true self..transforming their lives into a brand new adventure.

I have always had the need for learning and teaching…today I understand why!

Life brings us across many situations that we need to navigate or negotiate, one way or another, if we avoid something that is needed to be done, it will come back again.

I have strived all my life to understand where I am going and what I am doing….today..it does not really matter.  All that matters is right here and right now.

The articles are genuine and certainly not fantasy, believe me there have been times when I have thought I am crazy – but I know what I feel inside and I know what I have felt previously.  As a well-travelled man, I have experienced life from so many perspectives, yet I find myself back in a town for the third time in my life.

My mission is to help others heal, navigate and transform their lives – to be at One with themselves.