All One

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Now my head is all naked and smooth

Like the reflection I see in a photo booth

It makes me happy and full of smiles

Much better than crying like crocodiles


My path is ahead in front and not behind

It’s time to move and free from the bind

I shall relax and enjoy the journey from now

Some extra stars tonight will light and glow


Destiny awaits, I have chosen my true path

I completed all the chores and done the math

With my Open eyes, Heart, Soul and mind

I shall be surely true and kind


The days and nights shall be full of fun

Take up a sport, or simply going for a run

I am ready and prepared now as ever I shall be

Filling my life with simplicity, love and harmony


I am first and the only one to ensure

It’s my life first and at the very fore

Remember my thoughts and dreams aloud

I shall get up, stand up, tall and proud


I am strong and ready, on the road so, let’s go!

My heart and mind are open now ready to grow

I am not alone, I am ALL ONE

This new journey has just begun


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