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Always looking inside – Path to Divine Union

The-Love-Of-Two-Roman-HeroesI trust you all have been well, and absorbed the energy of the blue moon, she was certainly shining brightly where I am.  After an incredible few days, we always come back down to terra firma, just to remind us we are all human beings, and when this happens our ego’s decide to pay a visit!  Even the strongest of us have these moments, the skill is recognising when it does come out to play, and how to work with or control it.  I don’t believe we can ever live without an ego, but we can learn to use it for good and send it away when it gets too much.

Our thought processes allow us to go deep inside us, and when our ego plays it gives us the opportunity of having some Q & A sessions with ourself, yes the angel and devil on the shoulder.  We should be brave to test these Q & A sessions as they do reveal how far we have all come on this path to One.  We question our very being, what are we doing and the why – and then we shall feel the warmth inside of us come to the surface and push the ego back to the place it belongs.  Our ego is a defence mechanism, it is up to us how we use it for our highest good.  It does have benefits, and you should never be afraid when there is a trigger event.

This is a skill that is needed along this path, and one that is difficult to master, but as time progresses we get used to managing it very well, and eventually it becomes second nature.  We have an ability to respond properly, if this is not the case we will react, and the results can sometimes be catastrophic, and the downward spiral begins very rapidly.  If you notice this happening, it is best to stop, breath and take a pause – if you are in a situation that requires a proper answer take that time to respond – it will be for your highest good.

This journey forever challenges us, it constantly presents tests and situations, especially out of the blue – it is how we deal with these that takes us closer to being One.  it seems an arduous journey, and we constantly ask what we are doing, when will it end, I do truly believe many of us who are looking deeper are very close to realising our wildest visions.  We are light-workers and the Universe knows very well our contribution to Gaia, we are helping thousands of others recognise and understand there is a way to live without the need for greed, gluttony, lies and deception.  He who has the most materially is normally the one who has the least internally.  I am sure many of us can relate to this, I certainly can form my life path.  Love really does come from within, and it is only us who can understand what that feels like.

What we do with this love on a daily basis is entirely up to us, yet we find ourselves being drawn to helping, guiding and teaching others, our lives may not be totally in balance as far as abundance is concerned, but we are very happy to help anyone we see struggling on the path.  We have this distinct ability to sense who needs our help, or they have the sense we can help them – this is soul family re-connecting.  We do have such a beautiful family outside of our normal day to day relationships, and I am sure many of you can relate far better to your soul family than your own birth family.  Funny how the Universe manages this whole mechanism – and yet here we are today in a completely different situation to a few months or even weeks ago.

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I look at what I have achieved since April – it is incredible, and I would suggest that all of you reading this have also come a long way.  Those who are still struggling, have a look at what is needed to be done in your life today – I know that some need to finalise divorces, or even start the process off – and yes that is a reminder to a certain few.  Sort out your affairs, if you are not happy in your current situation, take a time out, and look inside you, and make a decision to change.  Now is the time to start this if you have not already begun – it is so easy to get distracted with living in the reality today – we forget this time is for us to remedy what is needed.  If you are still looking for answers, there is something wrong with your own beliefs – ask yourself why.

It is good to have new information from a trusted source – it is not a good thing from a non-trusted source, I have seen and heard those that have been taken advantage of by so called professionals or household names – it is not pleasant to see.  Be careful what you read and understand – try not to get too bogged down with other peoples situations, for yours is the most important and precious.  This journey is all about YOU and no one else  please don’t forget that.

This is a week that is going to test us yet again – please reach out to your soul family for they truly know what you are experiencing and going through – be your true self, but don’t allow others to tell you who or what your are.  I am happy to guide and assist anyone that would like help, but I can not do the work for you – it is essential that you take time for yourself and do the homework needed to get to the end result.  If you are still going around in the same circle, then you need to stop and take a fresh look at what you are doing.

I have learned many things from this journey, which is why I have decided to create what I have – this is my way of helping others on their path to Divine Union.

I wish you all a pleasant day, stay strong, and keep going inside – nothing on this journey is external.

Love and Light


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