An Amazing day!

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A wonderful day of celebration – with a twist!

2015-05-24 13.56.04Sunday was a day of celebration, my daughter Jesse was confirmed, it was such a wonderful proud feeling experiencing this in a church that was virtually destroyed in 1991 – myself not being Catholic and not fully understanding the Croatian language, it was a task to stand (as there were not enough seats to sit) and listen, but throughout I felt the presence of my twin – for the first 30 minutes I had a sense she was with me, I was at times trying to control the tears, but in the end just let them flow.  I was also standing in front of a stone pillar, yet felt something squeeze my waist, as if to remind me of the presence, that it was not an imaginary feeling – it was real.


The twist is where the lunch afterwards was held, by some universal intervention, plans were taken out of my hands, at the last minute, if you recall I mentioned last week I had some obligations that I had no idea how they would materialise – I had plan A – the universe was plan B.  On Thursday the family took over and arranged everything for Jesse, the food, the venue, the drinks everything – this was a blessing – yet even more than this I was so surprised by the venue that was chosen.  At a small restaurant right next to the Lighthouse project home called Old Tower – this is something the Universe gave to me and Jesse as a blessing, as a sign we are in the right place and the mission is the right mission – the days leading up to yesterday I kept seeing 1444 or 444 – as I was walking to Church 2 cars drove past me and yes 444 and 4444, outside the Church also a car with plate 444 – the universe delivers powerful messages to reassure us we are on the right path, that we are being watched over and being guided where and what to do.

2015-05-24 16.49.02As the day progressed the party moved to our home – and as you can imagine it became a real party with loud music and loud teenagers 🙂 I went for a walk along the River Danube, and was amazed by other signs that I saw, pairs of Ravens flying over head, small fishes out of the water on the river bank (how they got there I have no idea) a swallow that was sitting in front of me and kept flying ahead as I approached her – nature telling me that all will be just fine, when we have complete trust.  When I got home, I was reminded just how loud teenagers can be 10 guests sounded like 40 🙂 As a responsible parent I did make them aware of their noise and consumption – it was very emotional day for Jesse and myself as half our family is in Australia, we did have a truth discussion in the back garden about our wishes and desires for our family – we shall let the Universe lead them to us so we can be one again in love and light.

2015-05-24 16.47.43When we can learn to accept who we are, our purpose and mission on this planet, we become very strong, we have access to millennium’s of wisdom and knowledge that is stored inside our subconscious mind, as we move along this path we are able to tap into these wonderful resources and our world becomes completely full of love for ourselves and those that are key to the mission we are on – our twin families are merging together in all dimensions and coming home – we must not lose perspective, we can not expect anything in this 3D world except to live our lives full of love and light, the Universe will give us what we are supposed to, and it is as simple as that.  I was reminded of a marketing term this morning – KISS, keep it simple stupid.  And on that note I will end this post, and wish you all a wonderful day.


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