An Energetic Merging

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An Energetic Merging – by Rae. H

I would like to share a portion of my journey with you. I saw a post today that reflected with my experience and caused me to examine where I am along my Path. I only share what has been my experience and what I have learned along the way. I offer my Truth in the hopes that others may connect with it. Please use your discernment as I share a part of me with you.

Since my Twin and I stopped sharing physical space, there have been times when I have felt closer to her then ever before. There was a strong Soul connection. I felt as if we were reaching each other on Soul level. There was a time where I could feel an echo to my heart beat, or feel what she was feeling. Has any one else had a similar experience? Any one else feel like if they turned around, their Twin would be standing there with arms wide open? Anyone else feel as if that connection has faded? Anyone else feel as if maybe this person is not their Twin?

If you have felt some of this I would like to offer what I believe is happening. I believe that the energies between Twins has been merging, leading us to experience them in a new way. A more complete way. As these energies first began to merge, there was a lot of adjusting to do. We had to learn to try and separate what was ours and what was our Twin’s. We began to send them our Love and explore the feelings we were picking up from our Twin. As we became more accustomed to the influx of new energy it may feel as if our connection with our Twin is not what it once was. We may experience the feeling of distance between our Twin. Yet what if that distance is a mirage? What if there is no distance? What if our energy has more fully merged with that of our Twin?

A connection is usually thought of as a way to bridge a distance, yet if there no distance to bridge, what use is there of a connection? When we first began to merge with our Twin, it may have felt like they were coming home to us. Yet what happens next?

Has anyone noticed a change in how one deals with day to day Life? For example, have you found yourself eating differently? Are you beginning to eat like your Twin does? And this could be translated into anything. Sleeping patterns, parenting patterns, how one interacts with the world around them. Instead of examining the connection, or lack of connection, we are being once again called to look ever inward. When we began to merge our energy with our Twin, we were accepting a gift from the outside. Yet now that the gift has been received, our Twin is closer to us then ever! And if anyone else has had the kind of week I have had, I think it is safe to say that we are doing some clearing out of old energy. We are beginning to remove the last of our hold ups in order to live in a harmonious physical Union with our Twin. And please believe that our Twins are going through something similar.

Each set of Twin’s is here for a unique purpose, yet a shared purpose we all have is to anchor the Love and Light of the Divine. We do not always understand why it is we have chosen such a difficult journey, yet each one of us chose to make it. The dawn of a new age is upon us and if we have been blessed to come across our Twin during this incarnation, then we will be with them again. Not as soon as we want it, yet when each Twin is ready to receive and give unconditional Love. First to the individual, then their Twin, then the world. And the world could sorely use the Love we have to offer. Please be at ease my friends. The day will come. Until that day we must continue to examine our Heart and listen to the whispers in which it speaks. I believe the door of our Soul is our heart and our heart will lead us where we need to be.

Thank you for letting me share a part of my journey with you. Blessings to you all!!! Namaste.

Rae K.H.

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