An Inside Job

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I would like to share a portion of my journey with you. I share only what I have found to be true for me and my journey. Please read with an open and discerning heart.

The Twin Flame Journey – By Rae

The twin flame journey is one of love and self-discovery. We meet this incredible person who sparks something inside of us we only thought existed in fairy tales. All the sudden we are swept away in a tidal wave of love and bliss. Everything that we could have ever hoped for has suddenly and unexpectedly come true. And it suddenly goes to shit and becomes one of the most difficult life lessons we have ever faced. Welcome to the twin flame experience.

Now what? Is this person my twin? Is this person my real or false twin? How come they….? All these questions come swirling into our consciousness as we begin the search of what has happened to the world we knew. Many times I have come to the groups in search of answers and understanding of what was going on. There are a shit load of articles that reinforce all the unpleasant parts of the journey, yet where is all the stuff about when the good stuff is going to happen again? Yet are these the questions we should really be asking?

In facing the mirror of our twin, false or otherwise, we have a clear understanding of what we need to do. After all, have we not just been with the perfect person for us? If we have, why the pain and hurting? Because it is the source of these pains and hurts we are being asked to heal and the healing has nothing to do with how others act, or react, to us. The pain is internal so the solution to our pain is going to be internal as well. No amount from love from our twin is going to heal us if we are not in a place to receive that love. If it was, we would not be feeling this way to begin with. It is our pain and only we can heal it.

Getting caught up in who is or isn’t our twin only delays the healing we have been asked to do. As we begin to do the work to heal and love ourselves, a lot of the questions we are asking ourselves will be moot. As we begin to find the love in ourselves that we had been seeking outside of us, it will not matter who is our real twin or false, who is our soul mate or not, for we will have all the love for ourselves we need and will not need the validation from others. After all, if we love ourselves unconditionally, what outside of that may hurt or affect us?


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