And as the dust settles!

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As the dust settles – a new day is born!

Equestion-on-beachWow! that is all I can say – a tremendous challenge on Saturday, having to confront a serious problem with a soul mate, testing me, my nerve, my new template and my own direction.  I was put into a corner and relied heavily on my new template to deal with the situation in a way that I wanted and believe is best for me – and I also realise that seeing this person, I can see how they are still so stuck in their own world, attacking me, trying to belittle me, trying to force me to do something that I don’t want to do – I will continue to try and find a solution that is good for me – I know I have the support of some kind soul family they truly have my back covered.

Seeing someone you were in love with, and had a family with, and shared good memories with in the flesh after such a long time, and I having gone through what was a myriad of challenges both mentally, physically and spiritually – to see them completely differently, as if you are looking at another person; I certainly did not question my past, as I am clearly here and now – but what I saw was not the person I knew, and for me it was the closing of another chapter of the past.  I will always be grateful for the wonderful times I shared, the children we have, and for the balls to escape from the life I lived – the soul contract has been fully honoured and completed.

So after a confrontation that resulted in some rather uncomfortable emotions coming to the surface, I received tremendous support from my soul family – the universe ensured that I was not alone, that I was able to communicate, that I was able to reach out – I too was offered help when needed.  My head was pumping like crazy yesterday, my ears ringing tones I have never thought possible, I had a lot of tears due to some of the realities I faced – and many times I was in my garden to ground myself under the stars and ask for guidance and help.  Help comes in many different ways, that much I know – it does not necessarily materialise in the way we think, but there is certainly some illogical madness in what happens, and this does make it quite exciting, but also has the tendency to cause the ego to come out and play.

I am proud of how I responded – I was presented with several challenges, opportunities to react with my ego, I was able to keep the ego from revealing its ugly head – I replied with truth and light, on each occasion; to be honest I don’t care what other people have to say behind my back, it belittles them not me; it goes to show that I have been right to make the necessary changes in my life – I have advanced and left that world of bitterness behind, and laugh at others who continue to believe that is how it should be.  This was an important situation to overcome, a test of the universe – am I truly committed to this new template, do I believe in all I say and do, am I standing in my own truth, am I fully holding myself in my true oneself – and the answer is yes I am!  Even when going through this yesterday the universe continued to send signs – I saw 1515, 1530, each time I went to my garden to ground I would see bee’s, blue butterflies, heart shaped clouds, cats playing – in fact cats have found this garden a haven at the moment.

I went to sleep last night in relative peace, I was woken at silly o’clock again – but that is OK – I do recall I was dreaming – during the second sleeping session I had a wonderful dream about space ships landing in front of me and not just one or two of them either, they were landing in droves in large open spaces, I saw number sequences and billboards with live TV, events happening all over the world – not sure what these mean, am pretty sure there is a message in there somewhere – perhaps one of you can offer guidance 🙂

I have a new sense today, a feeling of happiness, pride, determination to succeed in all I do, I am conscious of the situation I am in and will do my best to change this – I feel everything will be OK, and once the dust settles there will be some clarity and cleanliness about what is happening.  This is the beginning of a life in more ways than one, and I welcome it with open arms, heart and soul – we soldier on to enjoy a wonderful Summer Solstice, late this afternoon for us here in Europe 18.39 hrs in mainland Europe , UK 17.39 hrs for the rest of the world click here for the proper time in your time zone – so now matter where you are, be sure to be thankful for where you are, and for who you are.

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