Another day at Hogwarts!

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Shedding Layers – Minute by Minute, Hour by Hour etc

I have learned another valuable lesson today, that the layers we feel we have shed are still under the microscope for further examination – My defence mechanism came out to play today in a normal discussion between a group of people –  my protector – one that has served me all my life, and for my continuing journey that is not required. I could have, should have, would have are not necessary, as it was meant to happen the way it did – another look at triggers – cause/effect, action/reaction these are all things that serve little purpose on our twin journey – in our new templates, we have to lose what appear to be embedded mechanisms – we have to retrain our mind to handle them in a completely new way, to form a proper response by calling upon all our knowledge and wisdom, by firmly closing the door on old bad habits that serve no purpose in our new template.  It is a tough thing to do, that requires much practice and perseverance, at times we have to be prepared to walk away from any situation, or learn to say No, and not be afraid of it.  Not to be drawn into a battle or confrontation by others who have ego’s in play, these are a constant threat to us all.

Loving what has served us in our life, then allowing it to be safely put into a filing cabinet as a reminder of who you were….in the drawer above is the new filing system, the one marked Who I am and we are now using – you will see that it is all filled with love, smiles, laughter and happy things – no room for doom and gloom in that drawer!  As a friend told me today “it is an old pullover, time to take it off” – also remember to say “I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, I love you!”  It has served me well throughout my life, now is time for balance!

Today for me was an interesting one –  the lesson learned is invaluable. I can thank a few special friends for enabling me to see it, digesting it, processing it, and understanding it – and I can thank myself for actually learning it and now knowing how to respond and not to react..It will take a few more tests to really push the buttons and get the ego out to play again, but be sure it will come out – as the universe will constantly challenge me and my new beliefs and template – but isn’t this the story of our lives to date, what is important in all of this is we learn to manage it in a different way, with love and light.

I hope this helps those that may have been trying to deal with difficult situations in their lives – this is something we can all learn when the time comes, it is an ongoing process – and I thought I had managed to deal with all I had…but there you go, the universe threw me a curve ball, and I am grateful for the situation that occurred and for the lesson learned – as well as my good friends who were there to hold my hand and guide me to the solution. Thank you for the tools!


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