Another Day Begins!

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And so it continues!


As another day dawns we realise that it is exactly that – a new day, right here right now!  We are alive, we are breathing, we are functioning and we have many things to do.  I know that a lot of you are feeling exhaustion, tiredness, and just simply had enough…phew!  What a journey hey!  Imagine walking the length of the Chinese Wall, or from Land’s End to John O’Groats, or any other long distance path that our ancestors dared to trek in their search for the new lands or new treasures.  A true test of resolve and determination to reach a better place – not knowing what is waiting at the end is the gift.  The gift is a sense of achievement, pride, respect and love for oneself – nothing more or less, we embark on this journey for ourselves and no other.  Whilst we are on the journey we get reminded we are on the right path, we are seeing more beautiful signs, and meeting new people and contacts, and the old ones are gradually falling by the wayside.

Do you see this picture?  What you once had is no longer, your frequencies are higher, you resonate now with only certain things or situations, your fears are no longer (or less), your strength is returning like never before, your determination is to get to the end – and yes this is exhausting, especially when you begin to remember things and begin to put the whole journey together.  I am sensing this is the combination of all our hard work, I hear each hour new things people are recalling or resonating with, and I simply say don’t be subjective keep going, keep digging, this is the answer, but don’t stop looking.  Don’t leave any stone unturned – as the truth will be revealed in good time.

We agreed to this whole process eons ago, we are strong enough to make it to the end, and we are challenged to make that decision constantly – and yes it is your own free will whether you continue or not.  the universe will keep reminding you of who you are and there is a mission, to raise the vibrations of Gaia, to help those that want to live differently outside of the gluttony and greed.  There are many twins reconnecting and enjoying new contact in ways never before.  I know I have had much contact in the past 10 days, yet my mammal instinct still longs for the desire to be with someone, not with just anyone, but with my Twin.  This is OK, we were created to experience this body for all its strengths and weaknesses, it is my belief we are now expanding our minds in new ways, the same as our ancestors.  We are using more of our capacity, we are breaking into new territory that is different for us, but natural for the species.

As we have evolved we have become far more programmed, and it does not take a rocket scientist to realise this as pure fact – the few are controlling all that mankind does.  There are illusions created that would make minds believe we are free, but we are far from it, when we look at all the media houses, who controls them? the fast food giants? pharmaceuticals? supermarkets? technology? can you see what I am seeing?  It is control!  There are many facts from the beginnings of Christianity – the Romans allowed it as they recognised by working with the Religious elite they can manipulate the people and vice versa – it has been a game of politics and religion for such a long time.  I am no expert on religion, I don’t need to be – this picture is clear, we also see it in play in countries like Russia – how the President is in alignment with the Orthodox Church, without which the two can not coexist.  If we look at how many churches and places of worship there are around the world, this is a massive real estate holding, the Catholic Church owns some of the most prime valuable real estate in the world today – yet we have millions starving.  We go to church for a christening, funeral or a wedding – we have to pay for it!  Is this a real service to humanity or service to themselves?  Are they teaching or preaching?

I may have deviated from the original theme of this article – but it is essential you see through the illusions and delusions we see every day, they are there in the most clever of disguises, and it is not until you examine them properly that you see a more clearer picture – we seek transparency in all that we do – this is essential for light workers, no lies or deception.  For those that can step outside of the box and think with a more open mind things become so clear very quickly, we are all looking at so many things with new eyes, this is awakening.  We are awakening to our own power and kindred spirit – the inner desire to learn and grow, to teach and share for there is only one thing that is important in all of this – YOU and your Truth!  If I ruffle some feathers it is not my intention – I merely question all that is not clear and transparent, the same as any one else should do, if it does not feel right ask!

Love you all



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