Another Day Full of New Opportunities!

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As your day begins!

The-White-Rabbit-alice-in-wonderland-25961703-800-400First thing remember to give thanks for the very fact that you are awake and breathing – It is good to simply lay in your bed, before you go about your day and simply recognise who you are, to get in touch with your core and begin with a clear mind.  This energy is important as it sets the way your day will go forward, particularly if you lead a hectic or full life.  It is OK to lay for a few more minutes of YOU time – it is YOURS.

There has been a lot of very bizarre energy around the past few days, that has ensured we do go into ourselves, taking stock of the reality we are living in.  Many are questioning, for the millionth time, their purpose, connection or situation.  This is perfectly OK, especially when half the planet is firmly stuck in 3D templates and mindsets.  For those who have a very small “family network” or no ability to socialise, we are looking at what is missing in our life – at this time we shall remember we have created our current situation this way, it is now for us to embrace new opportunities to invite others into our lives.

For those who are aware or in contact with their beloveds, you may notice changes in their perspective – as they retreat from 3D for the holidays will allow their soul to take over, and in ways that will perhaps suprise them.  There are many who will wake up suddenly and recognise something different about energies, feelings or their life – the aha moment will get them too.  The Universe is pushing many to wake up, with millions (if not billions) waking up over the next few months, it is important we are all ready to help them too.

Whilst the holiday period is great for socialising and letting your hair down, it is also a good time to really take a closer look at ourself, our desires and all that is.  Every day is an opportunity to take advantage of new things being shown or given to us – as always what we do with this is entirely in our own hands.

Don’t be worried if you are completely disconnected, feeling lost or stranded – use this time wisely to become aware of the bigger picture, literally being created right in front of your eyes.  What I encourage you to do is to make a list of all that you wish in your life – and then take a real look at it, and then see if some of the list is already present when viewed from a higher perspective.  Much of what is happening around us is not comprehensible by the human mind, and therefore the ego will take over to create a song and dance.

All is how it should be, you are where you need to be – the opportunity is to enjoy it all today 🙂

Have a great weekend, in peace, love and harmony!


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