As a Twin….

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Being with, or Being a Twin!

by Rae Kevin Hornbuckle

rae 2I have something I would like to share about my journey and what I have found to be True. I believe that there are many of us looking for answers to our relationships lately. Many of us have come to the understanding of Twin Flame’s and what that means to each of us. I also believe that many of us get too focused on BEING with our Twin rather then what BEING a Twin is. I would like to share what I believe being a Twin means. Please read with a discerning mind, for we each have our own Path, our own journey.

I believe that a Twin Flame is one Soul that has manifested into two bodies. I believe that Twin’s are mirrors of each other. I believe that Twin’s meet in order to totally break down the ego, the baggage that we all carry. This is a destruction of the false belief’s that we hold onto and a reconstruction of who we are meant to be. The biggest and shared belief that we are not good enough.

At some point we have all accepted the false notion that we are some how not enough, we are not deserving of Love. We have all, at some point, felt like we deserved what ever unhappiness we experienced. When we meet our Twin all that resurfaces. We come to a point where we stop sharing physical space and this is where the work begins. Forgive me if I get long winded!!!

Ultimately I believe that the journey of Twin Flame’s is ever an inward journey. We come to a point where we are called to examine our Soul and the chains that have been wrapped around it. I have heard this called the Dark Night of the Soul and this is a fitting name. Before reading anything about Twin Flame’s, I experienced my dark night. For me it was the beginning of the journey inward. While the dark night was an eye opener, the reality of facing those event’s has been and continues to be a test of where I am along my journey. For it is more then just facing those event’s, we must put them to a lasting rest. None of this can be done for us. None of this has anything to do with our Twin. Our Twin is experiencing something similar and it is their journey.

We miss our Twin. We long for them. We wish to hear their voice, to share space with them. We want a quick and easy answer. The only way we are going to do that is by looking inward. While we can support one another, encourage one another, none of us have any answers that are going to make a Reunion happen. If we are meant to be with our Twin, then first we must learn to Truly Love our selves.

I can imagine a sharp intake of breath at the comment, “If we are meant to be with our Twin.” After all, is not the purpose of the Twin Flame journey Union? Is not that the magical answer we are all searching for?

I believe that the idea of “separation” between Twin Flame’s is a false 3d notion. After all, if we believe we are a Twin Flame then we are connected at a Soul level beyond our understanding. Can we Truly be separated at a Soul level? This does not mean we do not want to share space with our Twin and I long for my Twin as much as the next person. Yet there is a connection there, one that defies our current understanding. Once we begin to let the false idea of “separation” go, the more we realize that we are in a constant state of Spiritual union. This does not mean that we do not wish to share space with our Twin. if we look deep enough inward, we have the potential of discovering a Love for ourselves that we realize is from our Twin and for our Twin.

Now the hard part. What if the purpose was to come to this place, grow from it and never see our Twin again? What if the whole purpose of encountering our Twin was accomplished with our Awakening? I cannot say, for who knows the heart of another? Yet it is something to ponder, is it not? Does this mean we give up? NO!!!!!! The purpose to look ever inward!!!! Who can tell another what is in another’s heart or Soul? Yet by opening ourselves to this idea, we potentially learn what surrender means for us and the Universe will guide us where we need to be. If that means with our Twin and physical union, or if it means a Spiritual connection and a fond memory. Either way, only the heart knows, for our Soul whispers to us through the Love and Light of our hearts.

For myself, I have found that all paths of Truth will direct one inward and I hope that my journey will help someone along their journey. Thank you for letting me share a part of my Truth, a part of my Journey with you. Many blessings on you. Namaste.

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