As my new mission moves forward!

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As my new mission moves forward – the children, how we can help them now!

The spiritual well being of our children is of paramount importance in today’s cluttered society – imagine a day without PS or FB – imagine a day in nature, next to flowing water, surrounded by nothing but birds singing, bees’ buzzing and no pollution!!

To incorporate a daily meditation and/or yoga session into our children’s lives will have a massive impact on their lives – it will open the doors to other interesting aspects – themselves! For them to feel at peace in times of stress, or is important that we teach our children new ways of dealing with these everyday life situations, especially as we are so much reliant on virtual communication. Kids are not prepared in any way to be able to take a step back, chill, think and respond. It is all about action/reaction – and this normally leads to an escalation in every aspect of their lives.

If only we applied our adult knowledge and incorporated it and actually participated with our children – they may look at you strangely at first, but it is very possible to make this a daily ritual for all the family, or mum and daughter, father and son, brother and sister – and then this benefit is automatically retransmitted to the environments they enter, and to the friends and adults they encounter.

I feel strongly, particularly in communities, where there is tremendous ethnic hatred and disharmony – we need to encourage our children to learn a new way of expression – they are not responsible for their families suffering, trauma or other situations – yet they carry that responsibility with them everyday – as it is forced onto them through peer pressure or external influence (propaganda) – this philosophy can be applied anywhere in the world.

We are so reliant on the system and or society to guide our children, we believe the programs offered are what is needed for their own personal success – but I can assure you, we are only allowing them to be pre-conditioned for societies benefit – which in effect is creating a flock of sheep. We have to change the way our kids learn, to have open minds and not to be so focused on material things.

Yes we may be eating humble pie, but it is not to late for us to show our children a different way of living – simply by incorporating fun, laughter and peace in their very busy lives – why do we push them so much? why do they always want to be the best? why do they always want the latest gadget? is this coming from us or society?

I rest my case – this is what is missing in your town – love! this project aims to deliver a new heart, it is a heart transplant that is so desperately needed – as the Muppet’s running the town are only interested in lining their own pockets and keeping that small group of friends happy – this is the way it has been for hundreds of years – I may be a visionary or a pioneer, but I have the balls to stand up and make a difference – I am not afraid of them, I don’t need them, I need you!


This vision will not only benefit the locals, it can be applied throughout the world, this lighthouse can be the first beacon to light up, and then the philosophies taught to other visionaries and pioneers around the world, so they to can offer the same teachings – we have the opportunity to make it happen! Beacons were always used to communicate in ancient history – let us light up our own chain of beacons around the world and allow our children to grow in a new way!  If you would like to be part of the Lighthouse Project please use this contact form below [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]


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