As The Seasons Change

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As The Seasons Change!

Autumn’s coming it’s that time of year
Remembering for you it is very dear
You throw the leaves high up in the air
And let them fall on your head and hair

Running Rolling on the ground
Even sliding down a hilly mound
You are full of laughter joy and desire
Maybe we can build a big camp fire

To sit and enjoy the full moon above
Sending up the sparks of a perfect love
The heart desires, what more can be said
Now it is time for much needed rest and bed

As the night stars twinkle high in the sky
There is no more what, where or why
It is simple now in the here and now
You shared with me all the know how

What more can be said deep in space
Other than seeing you face to face
I see you brightly shining high above
Thank you always…my true love!

6th September 2017

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