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Follow the yellow brick road
Follow the yellow brick road

It feels like months since I last wrote an article, and now I can see it is only a few days, and wow an awful amount has happened in that short period, but achieved so much.  The mission is beginning, the adventurous spirit is back, the passion for life is immense and the energy levels so high!!  It is as if there has been another complete transformation, I recall last year a guru said to me, Deane there will come a time soon where you will look in the rear view mirror (note he never said you will look back) and realise that it was just a bad dream, and what is in front of you is your mission.  I never thought a human could be such a chameleon, but I am a living example of this – and it continues each and every day.

I have progressed several steps further down what feels like the yellow brick road, Oh I love that movie (the original version), waking up every morning with either new thoughts for the day, or having had a wonderful dream – and those dreams are becoming far more “realistic” each time I live them…it is like going to the movies, I can almost taste the food being eating, and the atmosphere, the colours are so bright and fresh so again it is like the movie Wizard of Oz – with the black and white changing to colour!

Some of you will be feeling fearful of what needs to be done – you have no choice but to accept where you are in your life, and really be brave and let it go, and follow that path.  The more you fret the harder you make things for yourself, and why would you want to do that? you are only giving your twin even more reason to carry on with their life.  I recall how I was physically, mentally and consciously when I met my twin – I was at a peak, I was on a new adventure then, having relocated from Barcelona to Moscow – it was a new job, country, home, everything was new – as well as leaving my 2 children who I had taken care of for the previous 2 years – but I embraced it, and had no fears, and I had no idea where or what I was doing there – as I said in my Who I am intro – this was a blind situation – and this is when the magic happened.

When you are free from all the clutter, the distractions, influences etc – when you are at One with yourself you create your own magic, and the Universe ensures that you are in the right place at the right time – there is no interfering with this time line, as the universe has no schedule – only we as humans have schedules, and if we don’t take time out of our lives to get ourselves to that healthy state of mind and feeling again – there is for sure one of two things that will happen.  1.  You will die (we all do one day anyway) or 2. the universe will present us with a series of challenges that you have no choice but to listen to.

When I began fixing my life these are the circumstances – 2 of my children emigrated to Australia, my twin and her son left, I relocated home to be a father to my 17 year old daughter, my businesses were failing, and my financial status was rapidly going down hill – this all happened in August, in the space of 14 days – and when I did move to a new home, my daughter was in hospital for 10 days!  Today, I am happier than I have ever been in my life, I am living day to day, literally – I am using my new found wisdom and knowledge, as well as all my years of life experience to create my life – my dream is evolving and the Lighthouse Project has been born – I have no idea how I will pull it off, but I know I will as I believe in the mission and purpose as well as the Universe taking care of this.

The project is a mammoth task for one person, so I do need help, I need to raise the funds, I need advisers etc – but I know that it will all come along when it is supposed to – and with this faith and belief the project will grow and prosper – I have a secret group facebook page if anyone is interested please let me know via FB and I will add you to the group.

The moral of the story ladies and gentleman is to (always reminds me of old wartime songs and I am not from that generation) pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile smile smile – you have lived an amazing life, you have had amazing experiences, and there is no doubt whatsoever you will have them again – it is only you that is stopping you from making that step.  Dreams do come true – believe me 🙂

Watch the clip below – the song begins at 2.00m but the lead up is very poignant to your situation 🙂  Have a great day. Deane


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