Prepare Yourself For Oneness

This Christmas and New Year!

Private Live Webinar Event

Hosted by Deane Thomas and Mary Keena Donnellan

Together, Deane and Mary will present a unique series of 6 live webinars, that will prepare you for the busy holiday season and well into 2018.  We Invite you to join us for 6 weeks of activations, fun, meditations and deep soul guidance right from your own desktop or mobile device.

We all know how major holidays can be the most wonderful events in our lives but can be the most stressful too!!  Let us guide you throughout the busiest time of the year for most, and help you navigate whatever may come up during this time.

Each week we will cover a particular theme or topic – and provide the tools and wisdom that will prepare you for all eventualities.  Our topics will include how to lower expectations, learning to let it go, coping with triggers, sharing the love, sharing the peace, grounding, its ok to say no and walk away and a whole host more.

These events will take place online and you may choose to participate directly with any questions you may have, in fact, we encourage your engagement.  Being involved allows far more energy to be shared with the group, and opens up the mind to the answers to come in.

We will bring you messages from our guides and through Mary’s Angel card decks as a bonus!!

Six weeks commencing  Monday, November 13th, ending on the new moon on December 18th, 2017

Total Cost: 66 USD per person for all 6 webinars –  Limited Space Available

To participate please complete your purchase via PayPal

Details about the webinars: The events will be hosted live on Monday’s for a minimum of two hours each.  You will be able to access them privately afterward, in the event you can not attend or stay for the duration.  These events are private and limited to the select few who subscribe to the service, they will not be shared publicly.  You will be sent a link to the webinar portal, along with a password that must be entered to gain access.


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Who Are We Really?

Who Are We Really? Are We Truly Free?

Note: The reason for this article is to offer a human perspective, and one based on personal experience, something that science does not tend to want to hear!

Throughout our lives, we are shown or told how we shall live and contribute to society.  How we shall act, be and interact with others, as well as so many definitions and opinions from our peers.  Having observed and lived in a unique way, I have gathered a great deal of insight to the topic of abandonment.  In order to gain further knowledge and wisdom, we learn from our life experiences, which no amount of education can prepare us for.

Looking backward at all life’s amazing encounters, there is a clear issue in today’s society and one that is focused on material needs and wants.  Focusing on demands is the norm for the way in which we are supposed to live.  In essence, these are demands placed not only on ourselves but also expectations of others towards us. In other words, the focus is always on things outside of us and our own natural basic requirements, which in effect causes an imbalance.

Our relationships with others are crucial to our life lessons and learnings, and there eventually comes a point when these are tested.  Because we are born into an illusion that is based on others perceptions, it is inherent that we will adopt this same conditioning.  We often read about lifting the veils of illusion, but the use of the word illusion is misconstrued.  The reality of each of our lives is distorted in some way, it has to be until we recognise the illusion of our own life.

Psychology plays an important foundation for our lives, and this all begins from a young age, even before we are born.  A fetus is very much alive; feeling in so many ways as it grows to form a living being.  Whatever the mother is going through will be transferred in some way to the unborn child. Whilst science may disagree with this view for whatever reasons, it seems a logical view to take, as a starting point.

So, from a very early age, everything we feel is stored deep in our consciousness so that it may serve us later in life.  Most of us know how stressful it is when a new child is created, let alone the events that happen after the birth.  This perhaps explains why so few have little or no memory of their early months, days or even years.  It has been stored deeply in a safe place, waiting to come to the surface, when necessary.

Love Is All Creation

A child is predominantly created when two individuals are in a loving relationship, therefore the basis of the creation is love.  Taking this as a foundation, the essence is transferred to the masculine and feminine elements.  As the fusion takes place between the egg and sperm, the love essence shall begin to grow, to form the embryo.  Love continues to grow within the fetus and the cycle continues, for nine months. Voila, a child is born in love, which is innocent and pure, it is at this moment we begin to „brand“ the child, with a name, nationality, and religion.

The beginning of our lives, therefore, is immediately labeled.  In essence, we are not born totally free, which is our birthright, we become inadvertently part of societies self-created illusion.  We are born into an illusion, that is based on our parents, their parents, and generations before us.  This is how it shall be according to society, and how it has always been – but we know instinctively that this is not true.  It can not be true, as things such as birth certificates, identity documents, and passports, are all modern day creations of man.

Land borders have been created through battles, disputes, and far more devastating acts of violence and war.  But what has driven this tremendous travesty?  Man’s quest for control or greed?  Where did the spirit of community disappear? The reality of modern day man seems to be all based on fear, which in so many ways ensures that love is suppressed. It is this illusion many are realising now, and it has taken tremendous pain and suffering for us to achieve this.

Abandonment is a common cause for relationships to buckle and strain, or to completely break down.  It is this aspect that has perhaps we don’t fully understand, as we search for reasons for our suffering.  It all stems back to the expectations placed by others, as well as the demands we place on our self.  Based on what we have been shown or taught by our peers, the focus is on being able to produce something of monetary value.  This is essentially the be all and end all of our purpose on this planet according to society.

As we see the demand, which is a low vibrational energy, can only have one possible effect; more low vibrations.  This is far more apparent especially when someone has had traumatic encounters throughout their life.  I believe in a lot of cases, this can even stem back to the fetus growing in the womb, especially if the mother also encountered stress or trauma. Transfer of trauma is a common issue prevalent throughout the world today, and much more effort is necessary to understand it.

Quest To Satisfy Society – Leads To Abandonment?

Fully equipped with all the illusions, templates and societies expectations we enter into relationships full of love and openness.  The desire to share our lives with someone that stimulates us in a combination of ways. Our experiences and psyche guide us, but there comes a point when these relationships can become toxic.  On our quest to meet all the requirements of society, ticking the boxes on the way, many find themselves in the scenario the relationship begins to crumble.

We rely on what we have learned or remember to address the issues, but these are all based on a templating or expectation that is an illusion. The relationship breaks down, as communication between the two is fraught with differing views of how it should be.  Yet, we are doing everything expected of us.  We are working hard, too hard, to create an income, to provide for our family, and children.  We pay our bills and taxes as well as everything else “expected“, but yet the relationship breaks.

So, at this time we can take a closer look at what the hell happened, and where did it come from.  We shall look at our own actions, not those of the other person.  If we analyze what the other person may or may not have been thinking or doing, we again focus on something outside of our self.  There is no need to speculate on others, it is time for the microscope of self.  I know, I have done this, and it simply is a waste of energy that just continues in a never-ending circle.

On my own quest to meet my own relationship requirements, despite ticking all the boxes, (being an amazing father, an incredible lover and great visionary) I had followed an illusion that I had created from a very young age.  Yes, it was my illusion, but that is not to say what was created is an illusion.

The intentions of being a father, lover, husband, provider, caregiver etc were always on a genuine desire and higher goal, to be the best I could be.  The more I took responsibility for, the harder I had to work – the bigger the dream required the income to match.  I had lost touch with my true calling and soul essence and focused on the perceived need to provide.

What I have come to realise is that effectively I abandoned my partner and son, as well as myself.  I made conscious decisions that placed the relationship in jeopardy, putting others before myself and them.  I was chasing a dream of earning the financial abundance, so that we may one day realise the dream of creating a loving home in the countryside.  The intention was genuine, but the devil is always in the detail.

Chasing wealth also brought tremendous anxieties and stresses on me personally, which of course transferred to the relationship.  Communication was necessary, but the actions and words did not solve the situation.  It leads to a fundamental collapse to the illusion I had created, much the same as it will to most of us!  I abandoned those that I love, as well as my own soul on a quest to creating financial abundance.

No Regrets Only Life Lessons

We can not regret what has happened in our lives, we can embrace everything and merge it together so we can create something new.  Recognising all that we have done, acknowledging it and being at peace with it is crucial.  There can be no anger or blame.  Shit happens as they say!  We can only learn and allow all that we have done to be the university of life.  These real lessons of life can only be good, no matter what we go through.  Going to the deepest places of ourselves, allows us to truly appreciate what we have accomplished.

In conclusion, to be truly free, we shall follow our own heart and soul, as well as communicate in a deep and meaningful way.  Community begins with our true authentic self and just grows from there.  Viewing everything from a higher perspective, and our own highest good, can only lead to incredible things.  Yes, for the majority, it takes a massive life-changing event to trigger this, yet so few take the time to get to really break the illusion, because of the aforementioned expectations.

We each have the power to break the cycles of our own creation and be the love we have always been. Shattering all expectations to just being in the moment is a transformation, and is one that will continue for the remainder of our earthly life.  Knowing that our core is love, allows us to simply be love.  A deeper connection with our core, and with others, leads to an amazing transformation of all that within our microcosmos.

There are many unexplained connections still present that will remain that way.  We as a species do not need all the answers to live our lives because we are the answer.  Nothing outside of us is responsible for our life journey, it is and always has been in our hands.  We co-create where we are going, and with whom. Some are privileged to have encountered the One who has shaken us to our core; that essence will never leave us. Unconditional love has been reignited deep within, and we can finally appreciate it.

We will carry this essence with a new quest that is far more precious and rewarding than our previous ones.  We now share with one and all, true unconditional love.  This is our only mission, whatever is necessary for us to do this will be provided for on our journey. No longer do we need to chase a dream. We shall trust in what we feel inside and follow with an open heart, and all will be well.

Time to live in our truth!


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Dancing The Fandango!

Amazing energies continue to sweep across the globe, despite what many are feeling or saying to the contrary. Reaching that place of balance really does allow us to feel the wafts of new from afar, as well as the fading of the old. Certainly, we are all trying to figure out what is happening or likely to happen, an age old ego thing you know!

Human consciousness cannot help but think about all the outcomes, possibilities, scenarios…ah, stop stop stop!!

Let us remember that we all have incredible power bubbling away on the inside. Whether it be the brain or heart they are at our disposal, yet so few can grasp its true ability. Mentioning what we are experiencing to the outside world would lead to a few labels being applied to our state of mind. But surely this is the clarity we have all been searching for throughout our lives. Our inner desire and soul drive to share our truth, to become authentic and raw.

As we ascend, there are many who are struggling yet again, with facing their shadow self or are reverting to old patterns. This is an indication there is still some work to do on the inside or some things that are best let go of. We shall remember that the person we are today, is not the same as yesterday or ever before. Our soul is finally beginning to take the lead forward, much to the distaste of the ego-mind. If you are at a point of having issues, or inner turmoil, this is the time to really focus on self.

Despite our lives, as is often the case, time is precious; we tend to give most of it to others, along with our energy too! This is a cycle that is often the most difficult to break because of our living situation. This cycle is contentious because of all the programming and templating, the expectations, the obligations etc. The most challenging aspect is to give the necessary time to ourselves, in all things we do. Whilst it may be relatively straightforward to say today, putting it into practice, for many, takes a few attempts.

The Psyche!

Retraining the stubborn psyche is a tremendous task, and requires real help and an investment of time, so how do we make time? It is really quite straightforward indeed, stop scheduling and making plans. Take each day as it comes, and turn off the gadgets!! When we are putting everything and everyone before our self we are selling ourselves short. And when we really begin to think about it, how many take advantage of, or get used to us running around for them? Dancing the Fandango is one great performance, but what happens when the music stops?

What prevents us from saying no, or claiming our own power? In most cases, this is fear based, and a sticking point in our lives. So, you see, in all of this, each and every one of us holds the key, the lock and the door to our future. When we see others moving forward with their lives we can become despondent or lose faith – this is normal, but how we transcend that is crucial. Let’s really make a decision to make a living plan for the next 7 days of our lives, putting our self first.

If that means telling friends, family, and colleagues this in advance do so; make your assertion and begin to claim back what is rightfully yours. How can we expect to shift anything if we are stuck doing the same old things? The moment we make a decision, we send a message and one that shifts, especially if it is the opposite to our normal routine! Let’s not make it so difficult, this is back to basics stuff – are you brave enough to do that?

Your desires for change are all in your hands now, where and what you do is your responsibility. There can be no blaming or assigning responsibility to others, it is yours. What ever your hearts desire in the current mindset is, how much do you desire it? This is always the challenge for the human mind, as it finds a reason not to do something. We really wish to find all the reasons to do it.

Love Stories

When we look at all the love stories that have ever been written, they always touch our hearts in a big way. In effect they are a fantasy, aren’t they? But love is and always will be the most powerful energy we possess. With possession of love within, we become in balance, as well as access to the power of alchemy, and that is when our true inner abilities begin to show themselves.

With possession of love within, we become in balance, as well as access to the power of alchemy, and that is when our true inner abilities begin to show themselves.

The happily ever after, for ever and always, is what each of us seeks, so what do we do to achieve it. Follow a great love story script, and enact it in our day to day lives. At the end of the story, one of the parties has to make a sacrifice, or overcome the biggest hurdles – all of them is fear. So you see, we can dance the fandango all our lives and be in these never ending circles. Alternatively, we can stand on the dance floor and choose what ever dance we want to perform on our own.

Be sure, someone else will want to join that performance one day, to dance with you. Then you will create your own tango of love and live happily ever after!  So you see, you are the answer, and it is all in your hands from here on! I certainly look forward to the tango of love one day, and I know the steps I need to make to achieve that! Watch this space, but don’t delay your own journey to the love of self!

If you require a guide to assist you on your journey I offer programs and sessions on a one-to-one basis. Alternatively, you can purchase my book, which is a useful guide to self-love or email me: deane at

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As The Seasons Change

As The Seasons Change!

Autumn’s coming it’s that time of year
Remembering for you it is very dear
You throw the leaves high up in the air
And let them fall on your head and hair

Running Rolling on the ground
Even sliding down a hilly mound
You are full of laughter joy and desire
Maybe we can build a big camp fire

To sit and enjoy the full moon above
Sending up the sparks of a perfect love
The heart desires, what more can be said
Now it is time for much needed rest and bed

As the night stars twinkle high in the sky
There is no more what, where or why
It is simple now in the here and now
You shared with me all the know how

What more can be said deep in space
Other than seeing you face to face
I see you brightly shining high above
Thank you always…my true love!

6th September 2017

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