Beyond Physical Union

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thNSNV3QVGBeyond Physical Union – by Rae H.

I would like to share something that I have found to be True for me and my journey. We often spend a great deal of time wondering about our Twin. We spend a lot of time looking within us and learning to Love ourselves. Yet what if we take a moment to realize the majesty of what it is a Twin Flame is. I share only what I have found to be True for myself, please read with discernment.

A Twin Flame is the embodiment of the One Soul in two unique individual bodies. It is rare for Twin’s to incarnate at the same time. It is from this premise that I would like to share.

To create change, it must begin from within. As we have traveled our Path, we have found ourselves looking inward. We find ourselves healing and moving on. We are drawing ever closer to our Twin. Some have already begun reuniting. And many feel that the moment of physical Union is near.
Yet, once we have come to that space where we are sharing physical space, what happens next?

As I am not currently sharing physical space with my Twin, I am only offering speculation from the articles, posts, comments, and conversations I have had with others along the journey. Please, please, use your discernment.

The rarity of incarnating with our Twin is something most of us relate to. And yet here we are. We have encountered our Twin and come into physical Union. If the energies are intense during the time we were not with our Twin, what will they be like now? If our connection with our Twin has been the deepest connection we have ever had, how much deeper will it be in a harmonious union? And, if we can imagine how it will feel to us, what will the people around us feel?

After all, we have manifested at this time and in this place to be the embodiment of unconditional Love. The unconditional Love that we have and are gaining at a physical distance is hard enough, yet a combined and harmonious Love between Twins will shine like a beacon to others, opening their eyes to the new reality of Love. People will see the way we Love our Twin, how we are Loved by our Twin, and they will begin their own journey of Love. The Love we hold in our hearts for our Twin, and the Love they hold for us, will come together and begin to peel back the notions of 3d Love.

Physical Union with our Twin is only the beginning of our work. We have all come to this place and this time for a purpose. Each purpose is as unique as the Soul experiencing it. Holding that space of physical unconditional Love will allow that Love to begin being poured out to a world in desperate need of Love. As each set of Twin’s begins to come back into physical Union, the door of Love opens that much wider. This purpose is something that is shared amongst us. To be a beacon of Light and Love.

This does not mean that life will be perfect and easy. To grow we will continually face challenges and tribulation’s. Yet through the process we also celebrate the victories along the way. Even though we are beginning to change the world, there is a long way to go. If we have met our Twin in this life, we will meet them again. We can wonder about their return, we can long for our Twin. Or we can surrender to our Twin, focus on us, and allow them to come when the time is right.

It is an honor to share a part of my journey with you! Many blessings to you!

Rae K. H.

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