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Reintegrating Experiences In A New Way!

As we fully adapt to everyday situations there are things that constantly come up for attention.  As we have opened up to our authentic self, we are completely vulnerable. It is perhaps no coincidence we will once again be looking at the past, and realise there are some things we shall require for our current path.  All the healing has been completed so what ever is coming back is for reintegration to our true self.  Every experience, no matter how painful or wonderful, leads us to a new relationship with all that we are.

With all the events that have manifested in my own life, there has been a lot of inter-familial changes and situations.  Acting with compassion, empathy and understanding, as well as with an adult mind.  A demonstration of unconditional love in action, and motion.  Free will does exist to a certain extent, but the Universal plan will cleverly demonstrate what is necessary and what is not.  Eventually our free will dissipates to a nothingness, as we begin to settle in to our new BEING.  It is then we begin to expand our own micro-cosmos, that serves us, and all those who participate in it.

There are no fears, or concerns, or worries! Naturally the brain wants to know where and how and why, but this too is now fully chilled and in the moment.  For human beings the New Earth is going to completely baffle the psyche, but once we allow our heart and soul to guide us, the psyche is our best friend.  Having to look at our life experiences from a higher perspective, it allows us to put the pieces back together in a new and unique way.  One which serves us.

My daughter has been a trigger for many recent events in our life as a family – one aspect that shines through always is the unconditional love we share between us all.  This is the life force for every family, whether living together in the physical or not.  Love is the bond that will always bind us together, and allow us to be true to each other.  Once we remember this, we are able to perform many wonderful things, that transform energies into love and positivity.  After all that is one of the reasons we are here – to master ourselves and appreciate the love we are!

Below is a letter I recently sent to my father…All I can do is ask, and send the message – if it is meant to be the Universe will respond accordingly.  I am sharing it as an example for others who may now be ready to reintegrate some aspects back into their lives.  Perhaps it will help others too!!  Imagine we bring peace and love to every connection in our life…that is Heaven On Earth!

In Love, Deane


Dear Dad

I trust you are well, and hope you’re enjoying retirement!!  The last time I reached out to you was also a direct request from my daughter Amy.  This time she has made her own contacts with Iris and Terry, and I know would really like to hear from you too…but I am sure that is something very hard to understand.

I think it is time for me to share what I have done for the past 25 years with my life, just in-case you ever wondered what your eldest son has achieved.  In 1997 I met the mother of my 3 children in Australia, Jesse is 20 and lives close to me in Croatia, Amy is 15, and Dylan is 10, they live with their mother in Australia (now) although they have lived me with altogether for many times during their lives.

I have lived and worked in Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Croatia and most of the Balkans for the past 15 years, in many roles, including several as CEO.  Since 2014 I have been living in Croatia with Jesse, so she could finish her studies.  In the past years I have begun working with the great-great nephew of Nikola Tesla, and we are about to launch our project to the world over the coming months and years.  www.teslasustainablevillage.com

I have also written a book, which was published in March 2017, it is called “Love Outside The Box”, as well as maintain my own website and guidance channel for those that are overcoming life trauma’s and past life issues.  You may find my website askdeano.com there is also a YouTube channel as well.  This has been part of my healing of my own life trauma, and has allowed me to now recognise who I am truly. And what I am here for.

My life has been a complete university, and I have learned a great deal about the purpose for our being here on the planet.  The life lessons I have endured were necessary for me to reach this place I find myself in today.  I am completely at peace, living in love and harmony, and ready for the journey I am on today.

It would be very good to connect with you, so that we may shake hands and hug each other, to make that which we have endured, complete and whole.  We cannot change the past, but we can take the opportunity to bring ourselves to balance.  I know that Amy, Dylan and Jesse would love to meet you, and to have some connection with my family.  This is my wish too, that we can be adults, and bring ourselves to uniting our family once again.

I am not interested in talking or discussing the past – it is complete in my mind.  But I would like to share the joys of my life with you, should you wish to reciprocate.  I have no regrets Dad, I am grateful that you brought me into this world.  I have lived the life of ten men, and have another 50 years to go.  There are no coincidences in life, and I am a great believer that whatever is destined to be, will be.

There is so much we have to talk about, and it is all good stuff, yes it’s been a tough path, but today it is so bright and full of love I would not change anything for anything.  I trust that you will also take this opportunity of at least meeting somewhere, as two men, face to face.

I look forward to hearing from you

Your son,


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