Transformation and Personal Growth

The Path to Transformation

As you travel on your spiritual journey it is important that you have the right support and ability to communicate with someone that speaks and understands your language. I am able to do so, especially when something happens that your logic does not quite understand.  The many messages and mood swings that we all go through on this path are sometimes difficult to interpret. You need someone who is objective to give you guidance – this I offer and continue to do so for many on this journey of transformation!

I work with you on a one to one basis via skype, telephone or viber etc.  I am flexible and am able to work with you on a session by session basis depending on your preference.  I believe in establishing a level of trust and commitment at a very early stage, and I will always provide you with a true perspective.  I will not tell you what you wish to hear, this defeats the purpose of helping anyone – I will be honest and open, as I would like you to be.  After a few sessions you will begin to see the results in your life, and through our ongoing sessions we can continue to achieve positive change and growth, leading to a beautiful transformation.

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I offer the following services

By Skype – Free One on One contact up to 1 hour

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Deane served to me as a beacon in moments I couldn’t see clearly. Not only in his kindness but also in being an example by walking his talk. Determined, kind, loving, gutsy are words that come to mind. Deane inspired me to go deeper and seek for answers on my quest. Always ready to offer insight and…
Anonymous - June 2015

Structured Programs To Transformation

I urge you to commit yourself to an intense program of self-help by engaging in a group of sessions with me over a longer  period.  I will work with you intensely, and if need be, on a daily basis, an hour a day. I am someone who is completely neutral to your situation, who is able to give clues and assistance to help you identify and manage your current behaviour.  I will also provide you with the books needed for the work ahead (to ensure you get them), these can be downloaded to an ipad and viewed in kindle.

path to transformationOn longer programs I will take you through meeting and healing your inner-child, the basic principles of psychology, addressing current behaviour patterns and how they are associated with your current and previous life.  We will also take a look at repetitive behaviour patterns, and how we can, through a course of actions, rewrite the memory for a new template to be created.  I will also take you through a series of challenges where we will discuss openly your anger and frustration, where this is coming from and offering effective tools to change this behaviour.

I will also provide you with tools that can be used everyday, such as diet, habits and other useful things that through simple changes can alter the way your live your life, and begin to break old patterns that no longer serve.

I will provide you with tasks to be completed after each session, which is an essential element of our cooperation. I wish to help you on your path to discovering the real person inside of you, and addressing all the things that are affecting your life today.  During our sessions we can openly discuss your feelings, emotions and other day to day experiences, and address them accordingly.  This is the path to transformation.

If you wish to take a more intense series of sessions there are packages available here.