Bouncing Back!

Bouncing Back!

Today is an interesting day to say the least – one has to realise that there is a Universal plan for each of us, and as I have said many times before, we will be challenged, confronted and forced to make changes that put us on that path we are destined for.  No matter what we may think or try to do, there is always a curve ball that sets a sequence of events in to play – where they lead no-one knows, we just have to surrender and accept this fact.

When all is said and done what are our biggest desires and wishes – to be happy, healthy, loving and enjoying the fruits of our labour – but happiness comes from within, it is not something we can manufacture from material possessions or things, happiness is a feeling that stems from our core. As hard as it may seem sometimes when a crisis or other life changing event occurs, the end of the world is up on us – we search inside to find that shining light that will see us through – our inner core, the flame, the fire and the passion, for who we are, not what others perceive us to be.


To be in balance is something very challenging, but we have all the skills at our disposal, we are our own masters, we create our own art for the world to see, we are performers, and when we are happy this is transmitted to far reaching places, and does touch the lives of others – our mind set is often preprogrammed to react to a situation with sadness, remorse, regret and wonder of what if, what could etc should we choose to respond to a situation with compassion and understanding we have the ability to stop the ego triggering the downward spiral that affects the way we feel.

All the changes, planetary activity, upgrades, releases that are affecting twins do test the human body and psyche as we are not used to this state of flux and uncertainty – some of us have reached yet another cross roads despite believing there would not be more head aches, pains, stomach upsets and other such uncomfortable things that still a real today – it is hard to muster the strength some days, but somehow we do it, because we believe in who we are.  From this we can fill ourselves with happiness and joy, to celebrate who we are and not who someone else wishes us to be, this sets us from the rest of the crowd and that is a uniqueness in us.  We are special, we are privileged, and we have an important role to play, we may not see it or understand what it is, but be sure to know the Universe is beginning to show each of us where we are supposed to be and where we are going, whether this is to resolve unfinished business or to meet with our beloved, there is so much going on behind the scenes it is like being an actor in a block buster movie – no matter what, the film is produced and released, yet our role is minor compared to what is happening in the studios behind us.

One has to fully let go, fully surrender and allow things to evolve naturally – and believe me this is a hard one to swallow!  All I suggest is try to be in nature as much as possible, listen to relaxing music, interact with those who you really need to on a daily basis, and allow yourself to go with the flow. Your friends and family may think you are acting differently, and this is OK, it does not matter what they do or say, if they hassle you simply say you are OK, you are happy and taking some time to recharge – believe me we all need to recharge and adjust to what has occurred recently.  It is important to stay grounded, and if you are not sure, reach out to a fellow twin or someone that understands this journey, if you have no one in your circle, then when in doubt do nothing – light a candle and meditate :)

Have a good day – be strong, we are the light, allow it to shine brightly!