Building Blocks of Life!

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Wow what an insane past few weeks for many, including myself.  Since returning from Moscow it is like I have walked into a past life or world.  Immediately on returning there was a whole series of low energy situations to deal with.  Issues manifested out of the blue to cause some chaos on the reality of my life.  Simultaneously I was ht by some extraordinary flu virus, but one that literally incapacitated me until a few days ago.  What this forced me to do was to purge everything out. Carefully taking stock of all that has happened in recent times, and trying to figure out what it all means.

It’s almost as if a child has upturned their toy box a said here it all is, now make something!!  This is a wonderful gift in many ways, as it allows us to really consider everything from a new perspective, as a child.  These are always time for the imagination to create, but as always there has to be a foundation.  Life is much the same, and can be adapted for any situation to create something new and playful.

When we observe kids playing with blocks and other toys in a random way, we get to see that really is how life is too! and this is where the fun begins!

Are we there yet!

When confronted with such a vast scope we also can become overwhelmed – yet as adults we may decide not to play as it becomes uncomfortable.  In the same way as children get bored or distracted, so do we!  Yet, in these cases when we are engaging with our kids, we encourage them to come back and finish what they started!  It is important that we do the same ourselves, so that we can truly create our wishes.  Being overwhelmed is a good thing.   It allows us the opportunity to take away what does not serve us, and to create a new set of circumstances that are more in alignment.

As children we are free to explore all the possibilities, with all the blocks, and create amazing things, do you remember those days?  It may take some pushing away of the cobwebs, but eventually we will remember how free we were!  We used to sit for hours and hours laughing, joking, playing, running, talking, hugging…all of those things that make us human!!  and then somehow everything changed, and we lost our ability to be truly free.  The more we were immersed in the system, the more contaminated we became…and as naive innocents, what little did we know.  It is a shame the few have taken advantage of all they know.  This is not something that can be easily broken at a societal level, and that is not our focus here.

Conundrum of Wonder!

Life is a conundrum of wonderful opportunities, and it is these we shall nourish and nurture.  We have become so obsessed with surviving or satisfying others, that we have forgotten the building blocks of life!  In these particular times, we have processed years, decades and even millennium of actions for the collective.  We have decided, this time, that we are not going to fall back into the ways that lead us in a circle.  We are not going to repeat what we know causes real pain and suffering.  This action requires the building blocks to begin with.

Our mind is a set of building blocks, and ones we can play with as much as we want to – this, in my opinion, does not create the physical reality we seek.  What does create the reality, is by taking these blocks, and integrating them in our lives, in a way that leads to manifestation.  So if we imagine that we have a pile of Lego from two or three sets, this is our mind!  What we normally do  is to separate the blocks in to colour, shape or size, or in any way that we can begin to make one thing.  We can apply the same process to our mind and life path.

It is apparent to the many I am in contact with that each of us is connected for a reason. These connections require no explanation, or emotion to be honest.  They exist and I can see how the building blocks play out in my life, and how each block or person has a role.  I was fascinated with Lego as a young boy and as a Dad with my own boys.  Today, in my life, there is a big colourful pile of building blocks, and in each of them I see how they all interconnect.  Much like with the Lego it is now for me to build the reality that is for my highest good.

The wonderful thing about building blocks, is that they can also be easily separated, and made into something different.  We can even create abstract items that are far more funny!!  Limitless combinations, colours, and creations from a few blocks of creativity! Much like our own life possibilities.  There are no boundaries to our human capabilities, much like the Lego blocks too!!

It is time to capture our imagination. Take the blocks, and simply put them in a way that allows us to achieve our ultimate desires and wishes for all of humanity.  This is the methodology I shall be using for now, as it all makes sense to do so!!  Creating a world full of bright colours, connections, images and a whole lot of love too!!  Each of us has the blocks to play with, let’s tip them on the floor and be creative together!

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