Bullying Story by Amy Thomas aged 13

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Two Years Of Hell – My Bullying Story

Why do I have to be hated? Did I do something wrong? I don’t understand what people get out of bullying, do they start getting popular or do they just think that they are cool? So many questions but only one answer. I will tell you my story and my answers, but just so you know every person has their reason for bullying.

bullying is a constant issue for kids lets change itMy name is Amy and I got bullied in Australia last year by a girl, I honestly didn’t know how much one person can hurt you. The bullying I went through was; cyber, verbal and physical. All of them hurt equally not one is better than the other, all of them will take you to a breaking point. You either end up crying, screaming, or even be afraid of stepping foot on school grounds, an awful thing to do while you’re getting bullied or going through a rough time is self-harm or commit suicide, the girl that bullied me was my next door neighbour….yeah I know right scary!

I was scared to step foot out my front door, I always made sure that we weren’t out at the same time. When we were out at the same time there was always some drama, once she threatened to take my cat to the pound, and once she told her parents that I hit her little sister and honestly I would never think of hitting a person if it wasn’t self-defence maybe not even then. That day when she said I hit her sister she said that she will go and call her dad, I was terrified so I started to run.

I jumped over a black railed fence which was up to my neck and then I ran over a path made out of rocks, I was shaking and crying but luckily there were a lot of shops so I went into “subway” and I told them that I was getting chased so they put the café on lockdown. They let me call my mum while I was on the phone to my mum the girl’s family walked passed the “subway” place. The next day a really similar thing happened but this time, she threatened to take my cat to the pound, I was on the school bus and she was on the phone. She started to laugh and she screamed saying “Hahaha, Amy you little kitty-cat is going to the pond my mum is dropping her of right now”

I broke down in tears, I was scared, angry and sad. As soon as I came to school I went to the school office so I could call my mum, she picked me up straight away and we went home.

My mum and I walked into the house and I ran into my room to see if my cat was at home, a smile showed up on my face and tears of happiness my cat was laying down on my bright pink bed sheet. Anyway, you are all probably happening what happened next but it is a bit personal… Basically the thing I’m trying to say to you is that that is still a type of bullying she made me miserable and it made me realise that I have to stand up for myself, but I couldn’t do it until I told my family the reason I don’t want to go to school, I had to tell them the truth and believe me it wasn’t easy.

I was scared to tell my mum because I was scared that she wouldn’t understand how I felt and how scared I was, but when I did tell her I felt like a huge brick fell off my shoulders I just felt so relieved that it was done and over it.

Now that my story is done and over with here I am a year later writing this, I’m fine, happy and healthy. You are probably wondering how I went through the bullying without self-harming or committing suicide, believe me, isn’t as hard as you think it is just do something you love, like your favourite sport or music, you can always write it down and I promise you, you will get through it.

Be who you are and don’t care what other people think of you, remember I do and always will believe in you.

UPDATE 12th May 2017 – The message performed in school today!

Editors Note : Useful sites are included in the text above and highlighted, it is important to get help to find a solution at the first opportunity


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