Change in the Air!

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There is a definite change in the air – can you feel, see and smell it?

11116462_10200334193032999_6410674305066737489_nWell I certainly can – being close to nature allows us to see the magnificent creations of mother nature.  I have maintained we all need to get away from the rat race of being in this dimension, and may continue to be drawn to what others think and say, and forget about themselves.  When we are in touch with ourselves we truly experience life differently, with open eyes, ears and heart.  Gaia rewards us with her own beauty, to allow us to appreciate our own beauty, the wonderful beings we are inside.

It is most definitely time to remove the masks, to stop the masquerade and begin to expose the real us – get naked, stand in front of a mirror and appreciate your own body, get in touch with yourself, realise that we are all the same inside, or skin is just a wrapper.  We must love ourselves completely and as we appear, this is who we are.  We can all try to gain or lose weight, dye our hair or put on make up – when we take these society demanded images away we are left with us.  We all have a shower or bath naked…we wash ourselves everyday, and yes we should all appreciate this is the very essence of who we are.  When we accept that, we can begin to appreciate just how beautiful we all are.

Society has become a sad old place to be these days for many. The constant demands and pressures of living, surviving and consuming – how we have evolved.  I can remember life 20 years ago, 30 years ago and 40 years ago – we have become driven and consumed by greed, but not our greed, others greed – if we dont have the latest technology, newest car or fashion designer clothes we are told we stand out like a sore thumb.  So what – why should we become the lost sheep that follow corporations demands and needs to give us these things, that really serve us no purpose.

I have had all the wonderful things money can buy – and am not afraid to say it, and I look at what I have today – none of it, I have not bought new clothes for at least 2 years, I dont have a car, and my mobile is 3 years old – and guess what I am not driven to change that, I am driven to get to the real important and most valuable asset of all, ME.

Please take some time to step into nature, appreciate what she gives us every day and give something back to her – she can really use it right now.

Give a little back to Gaia and she will reward you in more ways than one 🙂

That is my message for today – Self appreciation is more important than anything else, appreciate the most valuable asset – YOU.

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