Change is in the Air!

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It really is!

It takes courage to do this

An interesting 24 hours we have experienced, we are here today, here and now and that is important, we can see and feel the change in our lives.  We are beginning to expand our minds, and explore who we are and the important things we really need in our lives.  I have noticed a distinct calmness in all that I do, the time is passing by quite nicely, cant even say I look at the clock any more! Maybe our vision of the way forward is still hazy but generally I sense all is well.

Many of you are clearing the remnants of old templates, experiencing grieving or emotional outbursts, crazy dreams and restless nights, all set to test the inner strength you have.  Others are feeling a sense of clarity and deeper understanding, with a new spring in their step – and a different perspective on their life.

New thoughts replaced old, the pain is no longer and one is seeing bright images of who you are.  Yes there are questions with no answers, and oh how the psyche loves that – this sends us on a mini trek of the ego, when this happens, smile or laugh and say I know more than you think.  It is the belief in something that does change the way you will process information – if it resonates allow it to be absorbed and move on to the next bit.  If one keeps examining the same thing with a acceptance or denial of it, this creates a dilemma internally and can sometimes lead to a whole new processing issue for the psyche.  Self belief is powerful and is the way forward – begin to accept or reject ideas, conversation and notions with ease, listen to the words and your soul will answer – if it triggers something, feel free to respond in a way that states your view from a higher heart perspective, and then wait for the response or let it go and move on to the next thing.

I have observed many distinct opinions of late as well as the tone of messages being shared – I see a “rally of the troops” in a fashion that is not, in my opinion, one that is needed.  The use of words to communicate is essential in this journey, twins are here to assist others in their ascension and raise the vibrations of Gaia through peace, love and harmony.  What I don’t feel is appropriate is the use of words such as revolution or other such rhetoric – we are light workers, our days of being warriors is over, we are here in peace not war.  I see my own website being meticulously targeted by external sources, trying to break the security protecting it.  In the past 6 days there have been in excess of 2000 attempts to break the fence, it is a constant challenge to do so, but those that share the same values as me, work to protect what is needed to be said.

Others are trying to redefine things that defeat the purpose of our missions – Love is real, Love comes from within, it is us that has this internal sense of what love is and is not – our love for each other allows us to stand strong in unity not singly – it is a common bond between us all, take away love there is not much left is there.  Love is not a word it is a feeling and no man can determine it otherwise, it is ours to own and share with whom we please.  In my opinion it is society that needs to learn what love is all over again, it is further my opinion that this whole journey requires all of us to take it back to the simple basics of life.

Man was created and placed on this planet to live a peaceful and harmonious life, in love with themselves and all around them – to reproduce and create new generations and teach them the same basics.  Man has evolved this into what society has become today – a preprogrammed chaos, enriching the elite and secret societies and hiding from the world.  Today we are far more interested in what is happening in other parts of the world, than in our own front yard or living room. When you stop doing this you see the world from a different perspective – you are looking at it from your own world, and boy it is amazing.  When you only begin to think about your life and your immediate loved ones, it is a whole new ball game, and you see it clearly – this is lifting the veil of illusion and delusion.  When you do this for a week, you will never look at the world the same again.

I used to be embedded in the news because of my work – 16 hours a day, CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC – watching for every news event as it triggered activity in the financial markets – what I was failing to do was watching the news feed from my own home, and this leads to an unbalanced approach to life, living and those that are dear to us.  We become opinionated, we share our views on what we have seen, and oh yes we are sharing what they want us to share.  When we don’t watch we are not influenced by the outside world, except in our work for example, should you look at the news it is a propaganda machine, you will never know the truth, because like in history the story changes as soon as you tell the next person.  Everything is lost in translation and interpretation, the view of the world from the media house perspective is so far from the truth, yet man believes it.  The only one you shall believe is what you feel inside, and what you experience with your own eyes, ears and senses.  You are truth, love and light.

Those I reach, send me so many heart felt messages  and I am grateful – my life lessons are such I have managed to keep a very open mind and heart about the way things work, I have seen so much in a lot of places in the world, and today I am happy to say my view on the reality of life, has changed radically to one that is so simple and easy to live.  It is love based, love of oneself – this is the true journey back to One – our connection with our twin will reflect the place we are at now, things are changing for all twins, we may not see it, or feel it, but it is happening.  We are allowed to ponder them, think of them, it is what man does, it is this that makes him special and unique amongst other species in the universe.  I don’t believe we were sent here to change the way man feels – I believe we were sent here to fully experience the vessel, and get things back to the basics, because that is where it all began.  When we remember this we can change the way we live – and through this sharing of love, the collective becomes stronger.  The joining of arms in a circle is stronger than a big stage and hundreds of seats, why do you think I am join arms with others like Carrie and Rae?  We share our work, and soon we will share others work and in turn the sharing continues.

Thank you for reading and sharing – it is as always my own opinion and view of what I see from my beautiful helicopter in the sky – now I am able to bring this view into my own life and share it with my beautiful children – it is a cool thing to do – this is in my opinion evolution and expansion of the mind.  Love and Light to you all.




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