Gleaning Clarity From Our Life Story So Far!

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As we continue seeking clarity, trying to remember who we are is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the process. We seek clarity, but what does this mean in reality?  You see, whilst our brain may understand processes, it has great difficulty in seeing itself as a process within itself. In addition, as man has evolved the brain has become filled with programs and templates, that rank higher than self.  We have been conditioned in such a way that everything outside of our life is more important and has greater value.

Those who are ascending do face challenges in allowing the revolving door between their worlds to slow or even stop.  There is always something more important happening than dedicate time to our own well-being.  Eventually, we get reminded by a greater energy to seek inner clarity. Incredible things happen when we remember, as it leads to a whole series of other insights being revealed.

Taking a trip back down memory lane is the basis of remembering and reaching clarity.  This requires incredible brain power as well as a battle with the ego.  There are many things that we can not see on the surface, so regular trips into the depths of our memory are encouraged.  As with all work on self, there are many memories we don’t want to recall.  These are key tests for each of us, with regard to self-love and self-mastery.  Meeting those memories that trigger low vibrations is the only prescription for this, it is the treatment to overcome our fears, which is then followed by a massive boost of love.

Overcoming Fears And Peers!

Processing memories or events can be a good indicator of repeating patterns, and it is something we should all do regularly.  We shall never be ashamed of our past, it is the foundation of who we are today.  Coming to terms with our past, the truth, the reality, or the complete experience is a step in the process.  We will be guided to resolve situations form our past, in order to clear the way for what is coming.

As we clear or release we are immediately filled with a new energy. New energies will take time to filter through to all aspects of our life.  When we take charge and empower ourself we begin to feel differently.  The newness will be visible, and others will notice the changes.  We will also have to make decisions about who and what remains in our current life.  Again, these are struggles for our current mindset. Because we have been told they are essential aspects of society, it is hard to break that indoctrination.

Our views will change, and we will assertively begin to share our new found self with others.  Peers will look at us, and attempt to continue the same old tricks to keep us in their reality.  We have a choice who shares our life with us; that is the starting point.  We are not obliged to stick to the social norms, we choose what serves us – not the other way around.  This is always a challenge for the human psyche to overcome.  Clarity is a rare commodity these days!

It All Begins With You!

Remembering all the good and bad that has happened to us is healthy.  With maturity, we can look at everything from a higher perspective.  If we liken this to touching a cup of hot water! Always too hot to handle when first touched, and then slowly becomes cooler.  Our thoughts are just the same…the more we can touch them the more we can handle.  The more we can handle the more at peace we become to allow us to embrace it into our whole life experience.

Being able to interact with these memories, begins to clear and heal our psyche.  As we reprogram the brain to accept these new statuses they are processed in a different way.  We are not triggered to the same depth we would have normally.  In some cases, these experiences are literally re-filed never to be seen again.  Parallel the new information is being created through our new actions, in essence, cause, and effect.

Many of us carry these burdens because we have been told this is how it is and shall be.  Right now we can see the dysfunctionality of it all and the illusion it represents.  The truth is we shall be brave and go head first into the abyss.  There is really no avoiding it, to be honest.  One day we all reach the light and know there is something far more meaningful in life.  We have an incredible opportunity to really transform everything, which is why we are here.

See You In 2018!

Our own lives are changing rapidly and for the better.  It does appear at the moment, there is either a tremendous pressure to complete or resolve something in our life or an incredible peace and tranquility.  When we begin to transform our own life, we create ripples that reach far and wide.  We are able to see this clearly, through our simple interactions with others.  We can see it everywhere because the transformation is real and happening.

Where you are at in your journey can change at a moments notice through a simple activity or connection.  Magic is in the air at the moment for a reason!  Don’t worry where we are going it is all good and well.  Flow with it all and just BE !

We are on the cusp of remarkable change, look forward to seeing you all on the other side of 2017!

For those seeking clarity and want to become more in-tune with themselves, I will be holding full moon healing retreats, with a Shaman throughout 2018.  Our retreats are located next to the Bosnian Pyramids and offer an opportunity of connecting with yourself and nature like never before!

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