Collar and Tie Day! The New is Here and Now!

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The New Energies Are Here for Sure!

Fire and water design concept. 10 eps.

Good Morning, incredible new energies and happenings for so many, it is just pure magic  I was drawn to make another video, and yet again the technology is lacking in it’s abilities to keep pace with the shifts. This is a new adventure, where it is going no-one knows for sure, time to go into the Universe’s play ground, adventure park, theme park – have complete faith and trust that everything will be just as it shall be.

We really do not have any control over the outcome, the more we resist the changes, or to try to control the outcome in our favour, we will eventually get to a place where we recognise there is no point in trying. What will be will be. We can teach an old dog new tricks, or how to teach grandma to cook eggs…we can do it because we are living examples of how to change the path of history.

We are living in historical times, many world events are coming full circle, and will be repeated because of egos’ and the little dick syndrome. Laugh at the fools in knowing it is all a veil – the more laughter and happiness the more the energies will shift…Have a wonderful loving weekend – Just BE  We do have the power between us to change the outcome of world events created by man, we have to try.

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