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My 11.11 Moment

As the weekend passed and many of us took time for ourselves, the path forward is fairly clear.  We have made some decisions about where we are taking ourselves, key decisions that have triggered a major ripple to the Universe and the collective.  A weekend where we cleared the cobwebs, and became in-tune with our own inner voice, and what a relief this must feel like.  When you wake this morning, and go through your day, please don’t allow the monkey’s to come out to play, you should have these well under control by now – if not send them packing with a banana plant and clear instructions not to disturb you.  Fill your self with happiness and joy no matter what happens today, and begin to feel the abundance you are creating  from the inside.

These are times when we focus all the energy on ourselves the picture becomes crystal clear, you can begin to see the beauty of your life for what it is and how it can be, project these images from your mind’s eye, and allow the Universe to see them.  Send your messages out in unconditional love, and allow the magic to flow – feel the power you have within you.  Smile with your colleagues, kids and friends – transmit that happiness you soul wishes to show the world and allow that bright light ooze into all that you do.  It does not matter what other’s do, think or say – this is your life and you are taking control of it – for the journey back to One.

The energies are here and now, allow them to saturate your body, to be absorbed to the places it has never been before.  With this full moon I strongly suggest that you try to take some time and stand outside to absorb the magnetic pull she exudes, and let it filter into you.  Place a picture of you and your beloved  outside for the next two days, to allow the energies of the moon to shine on you both – this is a traditional practice of some indigenous people.  If you have crystals I would suggest that you place some outside also, just to absorb the super full moon energy shining down on us all.

There is a common message being sent from the Universe – now is the time to release all that you know, and allow the wonders to happen.  I do know from speaking with many, there is a major shift in energies, and common messages coming from the Universe.  It is entirely up to you how you interpret them, but one thing for sure, allow the messages to reach your heart and soul, and seek guidance from your own guides and Higher Self.  If you wish help, ask for it – most of us share knowledge for the higher good of the collective, this is our service, but there is also a time when we also have to take solace and distance for ourselves.  There is much work being done within the soul family to aid others -this triggers the ripple effect, and believe me I have seen the magic occur, as have others.

We are all healing, we are all contributing, but there is a lot of work that can be done by seeking the answers from within, or by being brave and going within.  This journey is an incredible adventure, reminds me of Indiana Jones – the work will never be completely finished, there are many new discoveries yet to unfold, particularly surrounding Atlantis. As the days go by more of us are remembering, where and who we have been, this is the wonderful circle of life; it all goes back to One.  Please don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and wisdom, it is valuable for the collective to see and feel what is out there – on this quest we are achieving incredible harmony and a basis for all of mankind to enjoy.

Please do your best to join me for the live broadcast at the time of the full moon it will offer insight – I know for those in North America it will be early morning, make an attempt to be with us to enjoy and share the energies of the Full Moon.  I don’t promise anything more than to answer your questions live, and to give you an insight to what is coming over the next few weeks, and months.  There is no registration required just simply follow the link below, I may even have a suprise special guest join me. Live Event 27 October – 1pm Europe 7am EST

I look forward to connecting with you again soon!


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