Category: My Personal Experiences and Opinion!

These articles I share as part of my twin flame journey.  Whilst the work continues there are many wondrous moments that have been experienced.  Twin flames often struggle to let go of their beloved, their old habits, or to accept that what they are experiencing is real.

There may have been a situation that just imploded and led to a life changing set of circumstances that have no definitive answer.  This is your soul telling you that it is time to focus on you and all that is important.

Take this opportunity to reflect on all that you have achieved, as well as taking a journey into your own soul journey.  Opening the doors on your subconscious mind, and into the realms of your true authentic self.

Many twin flame’s are realising who they are, and are now preparing themselves for a higher purpose, sharing unconditional love.  In love we will continue to expand and grow.