Spiritual Journey – Twin Flame Journey

Help I Can Share on Your Journey!

There is so much to share about a Spiritual journey, yet each has their own discovery and path to follow. I am in-tune with my higher self, I am in-tune with my guides and am able to offer you very simple and practical advice and guidance that works.  I will always take things back to this reality we live in; this has to be the starting point of who we are.  I will guide you to the inner you, the inner child that needs to be healed and nurtured – this inner child is so key to our development as adults.  I provide you with tools and information that will help you confront and deal with the psychological issues we all have – the misfiled files and folders of our often over programmed psyche.

I will listen to your situation, and set you with tasks that will trigger the opening of Pandora’s box – it is highly likely that after one or two discussions you will notice a distinct change in your thought processes.  This is necessary to allow the subconscious mind to open and release all the wonders that are trapped there within.  You may already be experiencing dreams or visions and wonder what they are. These are your Spiritual guides communicating and pushing you to discover more, or showing you that there is more work to be done.

So often we forget to deal with the issues from our current life, or believe we have dealt with them previously.  I was also one of those that believed this. I have worked with many psychologists and counsellors to help unravel the state of mind at many stages of my adult life.  When you  awaken you get to realise there is so much more to do, and this is painful emotionally.  It is an eye opening experience and is certainly not for the feint hearted.  Those that choose to take the Spiritual path back to truth can be described as warriors of the light – and know inside themselves that this is what is necessary to allow the full evolution of themselves back to Oneness.

Spiritual Growth

The results can be achieved in a very short period of time, as long as you are willing to dedicate time and effort into looking at yourself and your life – it is radical, it is a revolution within yourself, and you will find challenges every day.  This is your ego fighting for survival – there will be many days you will question who, what, why and where – this is all part of the process – the end result is a completely new “re-born” psyche – that is in touch with reality in a new way and most definitely spiritually.

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