Life is for Living!

we have the energy inside we shall use it

Life is for living – get out of illusion and wake up!

I may have published this before but I feel it needs to be said again – too many illusions in the world these days!

11.11.11 at 11.11pm
11.11.11 at 11.11pm

Living Life with knowledge is a wonderful thing, but let’s not forget that life is for living.  Man today is forever striving to have answers to questions, to see the future, to know he is making the right decisions or choosing the right partner, career, home or even going for a coffee.  I am a person who is  49 years old, I have lived an amazing life, and everyday I see or feel something new.  Yesterday I watched a cherry tree blossom from top to bottom in my back yard, it was something I have never seen before in my life, it was amazing to watch and experience.

The subject of Twin Souls is an interesting one indeed, and one that I have a fresh perspective of.  My personal opinion and view is that when we reach a life crisis it is our instinct to seek answers, we rely heavily on the internet and we will always find a solution that suits our purpose, sometimes this is a subjective view, and we set ourselves on a course of action based on this view, and assume this is the answer…this is where I see the dilemma begins for man.

We as individuals have the ability to feel and sense what is right or wrong, for every thing we do, good or bad there is a consequence, cause and effect, if we look at history, and I don’t mean our most recent history (the last 2000 years or so) we can see that man has constantly been seeking answers from the Universe..the Egyptians, The Greeks, The Romans, The Maori, The Mayans etc. All of these well established cultures had beliefs and sought answers from the Universe.  There are many writings about belief systems and mechanisms that helped man to understand, or to have something to believe in, in effect man created something to believe in, that at the end of your life there is a purpose, the journey continues, and I am a firm believer that this is true.

What I see today is the obsession for an answer, without actually experiencing what life has to offer..I see and read so many young men and women totally obsessed with answers to their life situations, and failing to actually experience the journey that life offers.  Life is an amazing adventure and it is being slowly being eroded by our constant need for answers or labelling our experiences.  Love is a personal journey and no matter whatever happens in our lives, we are free to love who or what we want, and no one can take that away from us, this is ours to own and keep.  We choose who and what to love, but we are so influenced by the way the world is evolving…in effect it is not evolution, we are being forced to accept what the large corporations want us to think is best for us.

I am fortunate to remember the days of no internet, no mobile telephones, and simple innocence of discovery…compared to today we are really forced to follow what our employers, family, media or business wants us to we spend far more time in the office and commuting that there is no time for what is more valuable, ourselves and our families.  We are compelled to provide, to consume to purchase to waste all because it has become convenient, and more sadly a habit…so I feel that when we label things such as twin souls, we need to have a clear picture and understanding of ourself.  And that all begins with our own truth.

To understand who we are today, we have to look at our life going backwards, then we should look at who influenced our lives as children and how they prepared us for our lives…human psychology in the end is quite simple, as time has progressed this is also evolving, as we have more understanding of cause and effect…so many catastrophic events in the last century contributed to the way our parents and grand parents treated us or acted towards us.  Transactional analysis is the clearest example of how we interpret and act on information or life situations.  Parallel to this we have our own personal spiritual path, we choose to believe what we want based on the facts presented, or the research obtained.

Twin Souls is a personal journey, the same as life…we choose to believe based on fact/experiences; whether it is someone we have met or not, the reality is that it is a personal relationship primarily with ourself.  Only we know within ourselves whether to have faith or not, it is a personal choice.

Others can give guidance and knowledge based on their personal experiences and wisdom, but I do believe there is a real chance that vulnerable people will and have been taken advantage of because of the way technology and our human need for answers.  We have forgotten how to interpret information ourselves, or we have forgotten to trust our heart and soul in decision making, these days the answer must be on FB or Google…when the reality is the answer is within ourselves.

It takes a brave man to turn the other cheek, or to walk away from a fight, it takes a brave man to look within himself for the truth about himself, I do believe that until you have found the truth about yourself it is very difficult to fully understand the reality of Twin Souls, and whether what you are feeling or interpreting is a reflection of who you really are or what you want to believe.

I wrote this not to cause a controversy or to dampen anyone’s beliefs or views, it is an honest opinion.  I have always followed my instinct and intuition and lived with the consequences of them…a major crisis occurred in my life last August that led me to self discovery, and to resolving life trauma’s, experiences, and also past life incidents that cropped up on the way.

It was not until after I completed this house keeping did I discover the concept (as I have already posted), knowing deep inside myself that the person who I had been involved with was special, and played an important role in finding myself.   I believe she is my twin soul, I believe the reality of the situation is what it is, and I have reached the stage where I can see the messages the universe gave me throughout my life, and I am happy that I have finally found myself.

Today I am more aware, and I am so grateful to the Universe for bringing me together with my Twin, and for experiencing the physical we shared, I know that I have grown and learned, I also know that this belief and feeling will not prevent me from living my life or from loving another))  Life is for living and growing!!

I hope some of you can relate or find this information useful, if you would like any guidance or further clarity please send a PM, and I will be happy to share more.

As things gather pace!

twin flames on the new path

When time does not seem to exist!

Follow the yellow brick road
Follow the yellow brick road

It feels like months since I last wrote an article, and now I can see it is only a few days, and wow an awful amount has happened in that short period, but achieved so much.  The mission is beginning, the adventurous spirit is back, the passion for life is immense and the energy levels so high!!  It is as if there has been another complete transformation, I recall last year a guru said to me, Deane there will come a time soon where you will look in the rear view mirror (note he never said you will look back) and realise that it was just a bad dream, and what is in front of you is your mission.  I never thought a human could be such a chameleon, but I am a living example of this – and it continues each and every day.

I have progressed several steps further down what feels like the yellow brick road, Oh I love that movie (the original version), waking up every morning with either new thoughts for the day, or having had a wonderful dream – and those dreams are becoming far more “realistic” each time I live them…it is like going to the movies, I can almost taste the food being eating, and the atmosphere, the colours are so bright and fresh so again it is like the movie Wizard of Oz – with the black and white changing to colour!

Some of you will be feeling fearful of what needs to be done – you have no choice but to accept where you are in your life, and really be brave and let it go, and follow that path.  The more you fret the harder you make things for yourself, and why would you want to do that? you are only giving your twin even more reason to carry on with their life.  I recall how I was physically, mentally and consciously when I met my twin – I was at a peak, I was on a new adventure then, having relocated from Barcelona to Moscow – it was a new job, country, home, everything was new – as well as leaving my 2 children who I had taken care of for the previous 2 years – but I embraced it, and had no fears, and I had no idea where or what I was doing there – as I said in my Who I am intro – this was a blind situation – and this is when the magic happened.

When you are free from all the clutter, the distractions, influences etc – when you are at One with yourself you create your own magic, and the Universe ensures that you are in the right place at the right time – there is no interfering with this time line, as the universe has no schedule – only we as humans have schedules, and if we don’t take time out of our lives to get ourselves to that healthy state of mind and feeling again – there is for sure one of two things that will happen.  1.  You will die (we all do one day anyway) or 2. the universe will present us with a series of challenges that you have no choice but to listen to.

When I began fixing my life these are the circumstances – 2 of my children emigrated to Australia, my twin and her son left, I relocated home to be a father to my 17 year old daughter, my businesses were failing, and my financial status was rapidly going down hill – this all happened in August, in the space of 14 days – and when I did move to a new home, my daughter was in hospital for 10 days!  Today, I am happier than I have ever been in my life, I am living day to day, literally – I am using my new found wisdom and knowledge, as well as all my years of life experience to create my life – my dream is evolving and the Lighthouse Project has been born – I have no idea how I will pull it off, but I know I will as I believe in the mission and purpose as well as the Universe taking care of this.

The project is a mammoth task for one person, so I do need help, I need to raise the funds, I need advisers etc – but I know that it will all come along when it is supposed to – and with this faith and belief the project will grow and prosper – I have a secret group facebook page if anyone is interested please let me know via FB and I will add you to the group.

The moral of the story ladies and gentleman is to (always reminds me of old wartime songs and I am not from that generation) pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile smile smile – you have lived an amazing life, you have had amazing experiences, and there is no doubt whatsoever you will have them again – it is only you that is stopping you from making that step.  Dreams do come true – believe me :)

Watch the clip below – the song begins at 2.00m but the lead up is very poignant to your situation :)  Have a great day. Deane


The day after yesterday!

The day after yesterday and comes before tomorrow – is TODAY!


I would like to continue on the same theme as my last post, so you can get a feel for a real life situation – I will keep some of the details out that are meant for me and my twin – but the rest is very important to share.  Yesterday, that was Monday, was a very eventful day, but at the same time was full of challenges for many of us.  It would seem there are a great number experiencing similar feelings about this, a sense of detachment, no emotion towards twin, no feeling, an emptiness but at the same time a sense of peace and calm.

I sense that the “nothingness” or “lack of feeling” is what is needed, I believe it means we have let our twins go from the heart space (even though we may have let go emotionally) we have accepted the final outcome and surrendered our hearts to the Divine. Our everyday lives should now have a new sense of purpose, a new energy, full of passion and want, and possibly like never before – we are learning how to feel again in our new templates, how to live our new lives after the hard work we have done on ourselves; it is our peace which we should continue to enjoy, and as our passion for living continues our frequency becomes higher, and our twins will not be able to resist this. Also remember, we should be beginning to live our missions, this should be clear for you now where you are going in life. If you don’t then I am sure that it will come very soon, and is probably something you have thought of doing long ago, and has kept coming up in your life.

The centre of focus should remain you, there is no harm in sending your twin love and light, or even “thinking” of them, but try to do this in another dimension – make your day to day reality your focus, as this is your opportunity now to grow your new thoughts and actions.  Remember that you have shed many layers, you have many cleansed and resolved issues from may life lines – you no longer have the big bag of swag, so each day should become more and more interesting – but toddler steps, getting stronger each and every day.  It feels to me like I have refined my inner child, and as a great teacher recently shared with the twin community “The Inner Child grows up!” – Thank you Mel Brand for this wonderful insight!

AS for my new project – I had an amazing meeting with a gate keeper to the project – he has given me the value of his toll, now I shall focus my efforts on how I can obtain the toll to enable the project to move forward – I shall need help with architects, interior designers, teachers, builders, electricians and all of this team – as well I will be seeking a person who can be responsible for the overall day-to-day running of the project once it is finished.  If any of you are interested in helping, please feel free to email me!  I shall be publishing the project on a crowd funding site soon!  It is an amazing project that will benefit thousands not only locally but also on an international level.

Live for TODAY, tomorrow is too far away – Until the next time – Namaste!

This golden oldie also came in my dreams last night – it will resonate with those going through this right now :)

What happens when you really let go?

twin flames alice in wonderland

What happens when you really let go!


I always write from my heart, what I feel and what is happening in my life today – in the here and now!

This is probably the most difficult phase of your journey, I personally view it as the most important and life changing phase and I shall begin to support that from my own personal experience over the past few days (note few days – no more than 96 hours!).

I received a message from my twin by email – that when I first read it, I felt a knife plunge through my heart space – Interestingly I was in the middle of writing the story about who I am for my site.  My normal ego did come out and wanted to reply with harsh words, in effect my childish reaction was to throw my toys out of the pram, the defence mechanism in times of fear, stress and discomfort.  We all revert back to our childhood reactions under these circumstances, but this time my new template had managed to kick in – all of the work I have done with psychotherapy and transactional analysis has superseded the old childhood reaction, but my ego still tried to fight it’s way through.  At the time, I decided to walk away from the offending computer screen, and went outside to ground myself, to ask for the strength and wisdom to properly process the information I had seen.

This is an interesting development for me, I did not react – after a few minutes I came inside again, and reached out to friends for guidance, but all were busy or unavailable – the Universe at work again!!  I was left to process the information alone and on my own, and using all the things I have learned, quite an accomplishment for me too, as I am emotional being!!  I managed to put it out of my mind, and stop thinking about it, continued to write my article, but interestingly my thought process had changed.  After several hours I read the message again, and saw the unusual characteristics of its content, as if someone else had written it – or a tool was used to translate it – I showed this to several people, without my opinion, they also observed this fact, and made additional observations, that revealed the real message for me to understand – Despite our separation I am everywhere in her life and to let her live and find her own answers.

I am grateful for that time out, as it allowed a time for my true self to look at the appropriate action/reaction in this situation – in my case I made the decision to refrain from replying, and to not contacting her again for the foreseeable future (except by sending love and light), acknowledging that I can not force myself into her life no matter my own personal feelings and beliefs, and to full and unconditional surrender to the Universe of the outcome – I had finally let her go in more ways than ever before, as this release had come from the heart.  The focus of my heart changed from my desires with my twin, to the desires that I would like, and this was an instant change that has had a profound effect on my life since that day.

I had a few days previously been finishing this website, and one other project so it can be completed, finished and sent for activation – this I had done and we shall see the results of the other project very soon!  I also kept having thoughts of my mission, my purpose, and as I looked back at what appears to be years when in fact it is only weeks, I saw the path very clearly, the direction had been set, and the final release of myself from my twin allowed the third project to be born and begin to materialise.

Within the space of 48 hours the gifts I have received from the Universe are amazing, from insight, to contacts, to progress, to new passion and so much more – yes it has been overwhelming – I can see clearly now where I am going, I can see the light shining brightly around me, and I have a deep knowing that the new project is going to have tremendous impact on the way thousands of people live their lives, as well as be a basis, a beacon or even better, a lighthouse for others that really need help, they will find shelter, guidance and real compassionate assistance in transforming their lives.

We all have space in our hearts to help and assist others, even when we are down on our luck – this is what sets us apart from the millions of others that conform to society demands, peer pressure and so much more that is not healthy or beneficial to our own existence.  We have to be brave souls, we have to be warriors, we are fighting for our own survival, but more than that we are fighting for our own truth – when we reach that space of Oneness we have found that truth – it is an amazing place to be.  I do sense that there are many of you that will read this article, who are on the very edge of the tunnel of light, or standing on the edge of the cliff waiting to jump and sail down to the bottom – it is time to take that exit – put your complete faith in one person and one person only – Yourself!

It is your life, you are in control of it, you can invite who you want in your life, and only those that you desire for the right reasons – at the end of the day only you matter, without you there can be nothing else!

Foot note! Whilst my focus has changed to myself (and my children) the love for my twin is unconditional, I will not stop loving or sending her love and light in another dimension.


Looking backwards – stops you going forwards!

twinflames ascension brings together infinite wisdom

Prepare for the Roller Coaster – forewarned is forearmed!

Worlds fastest roller coaster!
Worlds fastest roller coaster!

Lets be honest, everything you have read about the Twin Flame journey is about pain, agony, ups and downs, tears and mood swings, highs and lows – this is the starting point – these emotions and feelings can not be compared to any other relationship you have experienced before – it is the most excruciating pain a person can go through for love.  On the other side of that equation is the love and intimacy that can not be compared to anything else you have experienced either, it is simply the best you will ever have in your life!

So let me try to put this into some perspective on how to navigate this journey! Imagine you are in a queue for the tallest and fastest roller coaster ride – do you feel your heart pounding and jumping out of your chest, the sweaty palms, the anxiety, and the adrenalin all at once – does this feeling remind you of your twin also? So let us relate the twin flame journey to this ride!!

Is the ride in the park always fun when you get on-board it? are you are full of fear and worry and all the other thoughts? and what is the feeling when you get to the end?  you will say to do it again as you liked the end result and feelings, or, you will scream never again!  The point is you did it – and the twin journey is that roller coaster ride – with knowledge and wisdom we  know what to expect, and we are prepared for it when it happens during the twin flame union. And you will be on that roller coaster ride for a while in the twin journey!

The idea during separation is to have the courage to get on the ride in the first place, it is easy to join the queue and say “I wanna” do it – when it is your turn in the line you are either a “gonna be” or a “wanna be”! The choice is yours! You will always be stuck or remain in the queue if you are a “wanna be”!! It really is as simple as that!  Do you see the point here?  Can you put yourself in that queue? if not read above again!

If you keep looking backwards then you will never go forwards – it is my personal point of view based on all my life experience and intuition.  The idea is to forget the pain and focus on the end result and not to constantly keep referring to the past – no-one knows if the ride will give you the thrill you expect, or even if it makes it to the end in one piece – when I went on the worlds fastest roller coaster I did not know what to expect, and to travel at 200 km/h on a roller coaster is pretty hair raising I can tell you – the same for any big ride – bungee jumping, or parachuting, or anything deemed high risk, lets make it this type of ride – one where there is an element of fear – will I, wont I situation – this is the point of view to take your twin journey from.

But remember with the twin journey you have NO say in whether you start or finish you are in that journey whether you like it or not, it is Divine- it is entirely up to the individual how they experience that journey – lets talk about the benefits of the journey instead of the pain and suffering – we all know the pain and suffering because we have experienced it in all our lives – I am not trying to take the pain away – but to show the positives and benefits to everyone of the end result is a happy, peaceful, pleasant place, full of adrenalin, passion, desire and lust for life – embrace the pain, jump and let it go – the end result is beautiful!

When you can change your focus on the good things, the troubles will be just an incidental part of it, as you are prepared for it, and you are able to deal with it all in a proper way – and the realistic perspective should allow the reunion to occur sooner rather than later.  I don’t believe you can completely be prepared unless you undertake psychological and spiritual work in parallel, they are too intertwined – one leads to the other, as they say when one door closes another opens.  You need to be prepared to challenge yourself in both of these aspects of your life if you wish to have complete cleansing and closure on all your life lines baggage.

I have come out of the tunnel where the light was always shining at the end – now I am standing in the light, and racing towards the next station, it is not for my twin, it is for myself – full steam ahead!  I have room in my mission and heart for my twin, it is entirely up to the Universe shall we be reunited in this life line or the next, but my work does not stop on myself or in my mission.  This article may not resonate with some of you, and I respect that – but really lets take the nuts and bolts out of this situation and look at the end result – pure and true love of ourselves, and probably for the first time in your life – the world looks a different place when you can love yourself, and the world looks at your differently also.