Dark Night of the Soul!

Dark Night of the Soul!


When you pass all the dark things from the past

And the memories put to rest, finally, at last

Their time is in the right space and dimension

Never to harm and shall remain in suspension


A new light is shining ahead and bright

Its time to begin again and make it right

To fill myself fully with white light and love

From the stars and moon that shine bright from above


Creating a space where I can truly be

Free from harm and to live a life in harmony

At one with myself in more ways than one

Plenty of things to do and say, work to be done


Marching on air now and this path with ease

Looking around being happy and able to please

It shall be good as I now am tall and strong

Ready to conquer challenges as they come along


To learn life and endure it free from pain

Only this path will give all that there is to gain

This path I know shall test the very best of me

But I always remember the truth that it shall be


Expressions of intent and desires shall always be true

As only truth shall take you along and through

Believe in what you say and do each day

Life will reward you with work, rest and play


It is as simple as this, and as hard as it gets

You have done all the work and repaid the debts

Wake up and breath and feel what you see

And be at one with yourself in love and in harmony.


Recent Solar Flares affect us all!

Solar Flares on a grand scale!

Recently troubled by what is and has happened to me and my loved ones over the past few days, and yes been full of ups and downs – I recall the affects of Solar Flares and other cosmic activity such as comet showers on us all on the planet. I came across an interesting piece of information about the recent Solar Flare – the timing of it is really interesting! The peak of it was at 11.11pm on 5th May (for people who live on Central European Time) and the scale of it also…so here is some interesting data, that could explain why a lot of us are being affected by solar activity recently!

Scientists classify solar flares according to their x-ray brightness in the wavelength range 1 to 8 Angstroms. There are 3 categories: X-class flares are big; they are major events that can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms.

X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: X2 2211 UT 2311 CET May05
24-hr: X2 2211 UT 2311 CET May05


Graphic courtesy of http://spaceweather.com/glossary/flareclasses.html

What is it all about?

Twin Flames Morning Dew

What is it all about?

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My Journal 13th April 2015

I see a lot of lost souls here searching and searching, but not feeling, they are blind to the real information.

The past 3 days my energies have been increasing, my frequency rising, my feelings inside overflowing, my love reaching levels I have never experienced before, dreams, sleepless nights, signs, numbers, giving guidance to strangers, sweating in bed, lucid dreams, constant images of my true twin, prophecies, writing poetry, expressing myself…so what is it all about??

My heart tells me this is the time, the time is right for the next phase of my journey, ahead, without fear or stress, no worries, no problems but in love with myself – and this is a magical frequency that is being transferred to my children, who are 12000 miles away, to friends in other countries, to people I do not even know. I have stopped analysing and questioning, instead I am living – it does not matter my rent is not paid, or my bills not paid, or I am not working, it will change – because I believe with all my heart that I have passed through the deepest darkest moments of my life – not being afraid any longer to talk openly about my past and to dealing with it, finally closing those dark doors behind, never to look back again.

Fear is the biggest threat to mankind, and we are forced to be this because it is what society expects us to conform – and that is the reality. It takes a brave man or woman to sacrifice the time (and in my case being alone 12 hours a day), to take off all the clothes, and stand in front of a mirror and look inside. The surface is irrelevant because beauty is inside, love is inside, and everything that you have is inside. Your skin and appearance is the wrapping, the wrapping to a wonderful innocent person, who is being driven to conform to societies wishes…only the rich get richer and the poor get poorer – the same applies to your body and soul. Love who you are, and the rest will be history – but be sure to go to the darkest realms of your life, and beyond into your past lives, clean up the mess that has been made, and you will arrive at the most wonderful place you have ever experienced.

If you have a twin, or are separated (as I am) this is the only path to take, your twin knows, and feels it all, they are helping you grow and you them – they say True love never dies – if you have the balls to do the above and more, you will discover it is a true expression. I have lived the most wonderful life in an illusion that has delivered the biggest pain and suffering anyone can go through – no one deserves that – that is when I made the decision and choice to get to the truth of who I am – because I know inside I am a wonderful soul – my twin leaving after some of the most painful experiences in my life – that was the icing on the cake!! And I say that not in jest, but with pride. Get to the lowest point and to get kicked again, icing on the cake. To fix that damage required a lot of work and commitment, it is painful – but it was 95% work I did myself for myself, so no matter the outcome, it is the best investment I have ever made in my life.


The reality is, people like me can help by giving guidance and knowledge but the work has to be done by you – when you are ready, I suggest you find a full length mirror, strip naked, and stand in front of it – take a picture and laugh – when you have completed your work – do the same again – and see the difference.

Love and Light my fellow souls – I send you warmth and a hand to hold but be prepared to let go and take the journey alone)



Fear of losing your connection!

Fear of losing your connection!

Many of you are avoiding letting go of your connection – this is something that I and many others have been through and whilst each individual is unique, one has to really gather the strength from inside, and let everything go, to fully appreciate over coming fears.  These fears are all based on our own insecurities and internal ego values.  The questions you ask, what if, why and what will they think, what will they do – let’s spin it around for a second – are you going to continue to question your own feeling that is screaming at you?  Are you going to say if only I could?  Does it really matter what they do or think? Before you met this person what was your life like?

Before you had this relationship/connection, did you love others? and even more so, have you overcome similar situations in your life, and actually learned that there is a life to be lived? – I feel that you will answer that you overcame every previous relationship without too much suffering.  You let it go – irrespective of the emotional pain, and mental suffering, and you are still alive and living.  You wake up with your faculties in tact.

The same applies to a Twin -letting go is not about giving up the belief or feelings, it is about trusting the universe that you will reunite at some point, whether in this or another lifetime – your connection will never disappear, as there are many other ways of connecting with your twin, and whilst you may not believe this right now – when you do finally let go emotionally, you free up a whole new level of freedom.

Letting go is an essential part of self development and growth, it is an essential pert of the Twin journey – your feeling of love becomes magnified, as you become so much more in touch with yourself, your own reality – and as you become acquainted with the true aspects of a twin union, you will be so much more happy.

At some point you will have a whole new perspective of life, what is important, what is essential and most definitely what you don’t need – I, and many others who have embraced this journey are in a much better place, mentally, physically and emotionally than ever before in our lives – and once you are there interesting things begin to happen – as they are meant to – when you are at One, and in balance – your twin will have no choice but to joinn that equilibrium – they may resist it, but they will have lessons to complete – if they continue to resist, the same lessons will be repeated until the “Eureka” moment, when they begin to understand there is something extremely special happening.

The letting go is a hard decision to make as you are fighting your ego – the one thing you have relied on all your life – but remember that feeling when you met your twin?  That was your heart and soul talking to you, and when you look back at your state of mind then, how happy were you, and how were you living?  At the end of your work you will see your twin – take a visit and see them, without fear – and see if the same old feelings come back – if they do, then you will know for sure – and that is the feeling you are trying to create again.

If you would like one on one help please let me know I am happy to be your guiding light – but you have to be prepared to walk the path!


A sense of new balance – the change in equilibrium!

A sense of new balance – the change in equilibrium!
I have noticed the past few days a distinct change in my energy, of more understanding, of more knowledge and wisdom. I have experienced slightly more sleep, far more lucid dreams, more of my twin and her family, a closer bond/feeling with everything in my own family. I feel the change in my attitude, not so concerned with what is going on in the outside world, and more focused on using what I feel and sense, going with those gut feelings – seeing more and more signs from everywhere I go and with whom I interact, the ability to interpret my own messages and journal entries, after all these are all the answers to questions. I suppose I feel the male energy coming back into my persona, which in essence is necessary for one to be in harmony and balance for the next part of the journey. I have pursued rapidly, with a sense of urgency the completion of unfinished projects and ideas, as if this is meant to be, and it feels so damn good to finally see the fruits of my own work, and not the work I have always done for others. I am finally in touch with my reality, with my destiny and with my mission – the path is laid, whoever joins me on that journey is an invited guest who I chose to invite. My twin will decide when and if she is ready to join me also, but I sense and feel she has already made that decision at one level, the rest will come when the time is right. I wonder if any of you are also having similar sensations! Perhaps if you look at it from a different angle you will also see these things and realise separation is not so bad after all, as we know everything is OK both inside and out. Today is the most important day we have to appreciate anything in life, don’t trouble yourselves with tomorrow or next month or year, the Universe will take care of us, we just have to ask! Keep the flame burning and the light shining. X X X With love and light Deane

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