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Deano’s Ramblings!

My ramblings are my way of giving back to the community, they are my opinion and views based up on all that I experience daily.  They are a way of reaching those that need transparent and truthful information about what is really going on!  This is a spiritual awakening – it is about lifting the veils of illusion, and understanding that you are able to take control of you own life and live a stress free, fulfilling and rewarding existence, without the need for society or family templates to control who you are.  I myself have travelled to many different countries, rubbed shoulders with many different cultures and society classes – it has allowed me to see the world from a very unique perspective.

No matter what has happened to me throughout my life, I have so many wonderful things to be grateful for, and I have so much more to see and experience….learning to live without expectation, in the here and now is a challenge for any person.  It is something I have to remember each and every day, today is the last one on this planet, I will love every passing minute of it and appreciate all that it brings.

As an empath and a Twin Soul there is so much to say… I produce a range of articles, poems and videos that reflect my own personal experiences and understandings.  I suppose in a way these are teachings or sharing of knowledge.

All of my work is posted on this webiste, or via social media such as face book, twitter and You Tube.  I am very proud that some of my articles have published by OM Times and Spirit Science over recent months…my messages must resonate far and wide.

As a way of trying to reach a larger audience and with a voice I will start broadcasting a live radio show on OM Times Radio each Saturday 3pm EST 02

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