Decisions, Decisions!

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As I approach my 50th birthday, I appreciate I have lived a truly incredible life, one that has spanned several continents, a myriad of careers and several lifetimes’ worth of knowledge and wisdom.

Having chosen, many eons ago, to be born into a family that would lead me to the man I am today, I view my time here today as a privilege. Whilst I SONY DSCam truly grateful to my parents for bringing me into this world, I would not wish the experiences that I and my siblings went through on anyone.

We choose to navigate through life based on what our families, or society say we should be doing – we are programmed from the day we are born. The journey of life is somewhat more difficult for those who have suffered at the hands of those we are supposed to look up to and/or love. I question how one can share love for someone or somebody who has inflicted abuse, harm and irreversible damage, physically and psychologically. It does not matter who they are, family member, school teacher, official or employer, they simply have no entitlement to it.

The basis of any man’s life begins long before he is conceived in the womb, it is this that I believe, and humanity has lost sight of. As we meander on our life journey, many situations will be presented that require us to take a good long look at what we are doing, or where we are going. For a proper answer we need to be in complete harmony with our soul.

Most will not be able to be in harmony with their soul, until a life changing set of circumstances will force them to stop, look and listen. This may be in the form of a bereavement, relationship break up, car accident, near death experience or something as serious. The untimely event will cause you to question every aspect of your life – it is this event that is the key to unlocking the inner truth oozing to be freed.

Your true authentic self, is visible during times of vulnerability – when you reach that point, you will make a conscious decision. To explore and use the hidden keys you possess to unlock the inner truth or to continue in life believing you know who you really are. In the latter case, as many discover, life will continue, and yet another situation will present itself, and again you will decide. The circle of life is inevitable, one day you will stop, look and listen to your soul – and begin to peel back the layers to the core of yourself, whether that is today, or tomorrow, this year or the next.

Your free will and truth are yours, and only yours, no one else has ownership over them. Deciding to change your life for a higher purpose, or calling isHiRes not something for everyone, but I close in saying that Love is for everyone. The fundamental interpretation of love is so flawed these days with such a disposable society, it is all about attachment, need, filing gaps or underlying issues within oneself.

True or unconditional love is given and received freely, no limits or boundaries to it – Love just is. Pure and simple, from the soul, in timeless motion for all to share and enjoy!

In Love Always.

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