Early Morning Wake-Ups!

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Early Morning Wake-Ups and Late Nights!

I am pretty sure that most of you are waking up at silly o’clock with crazy thoughts going around your mind, you are thirsty or just feel like you have to do something – and on the other side you are staying awake until those wee hours, and as you decide to go to bed as you are physically tired and ready to crash – there comes another thought into your mind, just to play havoc with that sleeping call. It is a real pain in the ass – and I have no magical remedy, and honestly nothing I have tried seems to work.  There are some nights I will go to sleep at 2am and then be woken at 430am, and then occasionally I will be pleased to have a straight 6 hours sleep without interruption, this has been a constant for the past 10 months, and yes I have had enough and would truly love to sleep a full 8 or 10 hours, or even a full day.

What I have been experiencing the past few days is valuable information in my dreams, in my daily activities, by looking at nature and generally trying to stay as grounded as possible – I have resisted the urges to reach out to my twin, even though I see and feel her many times during the day, it becomes so frustrating especially if you have managed to clear the thought by walking, and then you see another sign like a number plate for example, that just triggers the whole process over again – what I do feel is the increase in testing of the ego, are we really prepared for the love of our life, or is there some dark crevice we have yet to reach, or have skimmed over.  Honestly I don’t know, I keep pushing these thoughts to one side and embracing the true love in my heart, and complete faith in the Universe.

I must say here also today, I was fortunate to have had a physical relationship with my twin, if you have read about me you will know part of my personal story, I am also privileged to still be in some contact in the 3D with her – she has been a pillar of strength and intuitive guidance, the role of a twin.  One thing I can honestly say is that I have never had a negative thought towards her, despite all that occurred, and the situation I found myself at the time we physically separated – on reflection I see we were both preparing for this separation in all that we did – so I have to say that my focus has been on healing, understanding and finding who I am.  Today, as much as I would truly wish we were together, I recognise that this is not something I can control, I can not force myself into her life, I cannot worry or fret about her every move – we are living our lives, and we are doing what we need to do for ourselves, and more importantly focus has shifted to mission.

I have no doubt that we shall meet again, certain things have materialised that are necessary for this to happen, and I can tell you the Universe has taken into account my own personal situation presently, and ensured that these things take into account the next year of my life, which is very unusual for what I needed.  I am not in a hurry, but it is one thing I don’t have to stress about – yes we have angels and soul family all over the world in the right places for us, we should appreciate them and never be afraid to ask for help or guidance.  They are the messengers as much as we are, so I shall say to you True Twins out there – drop the expectation of physical reunion, be happy with what you have, treasure it, love it and laugh with it – we all have different abilities in communication with our beloveds, treat them gently and with respect, and watch them grow and develop.

Remember to stay grounded this week, take plenty of nature time (and please find a park or field to chill out in), better if you can hot a beach or lake, you owe it to yourself and to your twin – cherish the images you get each day and embrace them – hug your twin, love your twin, cherish your twin, and most importantly do the same to yourself – self love is the key to twin love.  With Solstice coming, please don’t get carried away with all the emotions – yes this is a key date for twins, but please don’t start building up your hopes, plan an evening with friends, family or other twins – the love and draw is strong, immerse yourself in this sensation and appreciate who you are, and don’t bad mouth the love of your life – that would be your ego.

I have some free time this week for consultations if anyone would like some guidance and help, please check out my bookings page I will be happy to hold your hand and guide you on this wonderful journey, we all need someone who understands what is happening – I offer valuable tools to help you, such as meditations, literature and pure honest opinion – which is what you need.

Namaste 🙂

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