Ask Deano Radio – 21st May 2016

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The Amazing Dynamics and Energy Shifts

askdeano radio twinflames help the changing energies and dynamics affecting the collectiveJoin me on Saturday 21st May, when I shall be talking about the incredible shifts occurring, the changes in energy as well as the templates we are being asked to break free from.  It is this change that is so necessary for the future well-being of this planet…not only from a spiritual level but a physical one also.

The future generations have been prepared to follow in our footsteps, they are ready willing and very able to continue the natural and proper evolution of this planet, we shall continue to break free from the chains we have been told are the way life is. Imagine us as a snow plough clearing the way forward for others to follow in safety and without fear.  We are the snow ploughs of Gaia right now

Our forefathers, and great philosophers have shown and guided us to a place of peace within ourselves.  We are warriors of light, we have been doing this work for eons, yet never had the resources or technology to overcome the obstacles that existed…today we have them all, we are rich with intelligent resources to encourage and insist the change happens.  We need love on this planet, we have all strived and enjoyed love, now we shall raise the vibration of Gaia to the tone of unconditional love.

Many are remembering those internal feelings of true love…now let’s amplify and magnify, and begin to spread this beautiful loving light.  We are strong, we are worthy, we deserve it, and it is about time. It really is time to discard and put aside old values and love ourselves fully and unconditionally, without concern what another thinks about us or what we are doing.  What we do as individuals is the most important point of this life, what does it matter what others say or think?  Stand in your own powerful energy and light…let it shine brightly and fly!

Man has constantly managed to destroy, is forever repeating the same mistakes…we can see the difference now…it is the time to do this together and in the name of Love.  There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to lose, but there is a beautiful future to gain.  We are all tired of the constant battle and struggle, with millions now awake and lifting the veils of illusion from society, politics, commerce…we have a choice.  Let us make a positive choice, as love is the most powerful energy we can muster.

Join me Saturday 3pm EST 9pm Europe 10pm Moscow live @ OM Times FM


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