Falling by the wayside!

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Forwards or Reverse?

falling-by-the-wayside-carl-aylingYou know this journey to oneness is not easy, and man is such a fickle being, it is a shame to see the damage caused by so much programming and recidivism, it is clear to me that many are being challenged every hour of every day to make decisions that affect the very core of their soul connection.  We can feel the tiredness from within, it is now external also, our body and soul is tired and it is oh so easy to decide to fall by the wayside when something happens that we don’t like or feel should be.  Your soul is stronger than you, but it is also matched by another factor that affects your thought process, the opposite of light – as I have traversed this path, I know I have grown tremendously, perhaps there is a Divine reason for this – I don’t know, to be honest it is not important right now.

When I wake and see family falling by the wayside, I recognise I can not continue to give precious energy to help them, this is something they must do for themselves.  If the doubt monsters have crept in at this final stage of ascension then it is for them to deal with – there is only so much one can do,  I shall focus my efforts through my words.  The pitfalls are always present, we make conscious decisions on what we feel we need from life, from our work and from our environment.  If we are longing for someone to be in our lives to fill the void of our twin this is natural (we are mammals), it is whether we choose to actually fill that gap with something other than our true love or not.

Our natural instincts can be tuned down, we can apply this longing into other things such as learning a new skill, expressing ourselves through poetry or art, understanding ourselves more, socialising with new friends and share what you are feeling.  As many commentators have said by sleeping around, or being with another or still being in a marriage or relationship is not going to bring you closer to your twin – remember the whole journey is about the truth of oneself, and perhaps you should ask yourself is what you are contemplating the truth about you?  Instant gratification is easy these days, we have been programmed as such, we are compulsive shoppers, and society even created a disorder for it, compulsive shopping disorder – crazy eh?  Society keeps ramming down your throat you must buy buy buy, which then creates a dysfunctional being and appropriately trains a whole host of counsellors and psychologists to treat the very thing that was created.  People wake up to this – it is not an illusion it is reality.

We all want to be with our twins, it requires a massive inner strength to match that of your soul, if you believe you are a twin irrespective of the colour, wave or other label why are you allowing external attractions sway you – we are not in a shopping mall, yet I can suggest window shopping is very nice it is when you go to try and buy the goods it becomes a downward spiral.  All I ask is that you take a look at who you really are inside, and what you really believe – is he or she the love of your life? if you feel yes why would you want to go and short change it for something that will require yet more maintenance.  See the similarities between this and shopping for something new, wear it a few times and then dislike it because it does not feel right or everyone else is wearing the same thing?  Remember those days at school when your friends used to wear the same clothes as you.

We are different, we are special, we are worthy of our true love – we have fought many a battle, climbed many mountains, walked thousands of miles and much more – and now is time to really see just how close you are.  There is so much help out there from people like me who are on the path back to One, it has been the toughest most hellish journey I have ever been on, and I have experienced some serious shit in my life.  I am an Ambassador of Light, and an anchor on Gaia. I am also a philosopher, a prophet, a disciple, a magician, a warrior and many other things – the same as all of you true twins.  Don’t let someone or something you read sway you -it does get easier as you see the light, as you ascend, and the things you receive in the way of signs, syncs and physical connection/interaction are the rewards.  The answer is all internal – nothing external can allow you to feel whole except your twin.  Take an inventory and decide where you are going, if you feel you are a twin reach out to those that are standing in the light and get the proper guidance and assistance, don’t waste more time or money on so called fix it’s because they don’t work – and you know who we are.

If these words don’t resonate take a look at who you are – a true twin will see this as a reminder of who they are, and where they are going – it is only external influences that push you off course.  Perhaps it is time to change jobs, homes and other stuff that is affecting you – being a hermit for a while is also very good for the soul.  It is time for change.  If you decide to go by the wayside – do me a real big favour, don’t try and spoil others beliefs or missions, it really is not good for your own beliefs or life path – respect the words you have previously shared and spread as a belief that you once had and now you feel differently.  There is a difference in leaving gracefully and harmoniously than like a hypocrite set on damaging others.

For those that know inside stay strong – we are all going home, the path is always going to be bumpy until we are reunited with our beloved, I can say I have been blessed this last week as have others, we have had signs and contact, it still is important we live here and now, not to let the awe of the encounters overwhelm us, celebrate what we have today as that is all we can do. I shall share this tune with you, a token for the way ahead.

Have a wonderful day, Love and Light


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