Feeling Proud

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Feeling Proud of oneself – be prepared to be carried away in your own horse and cart!

IMG_0163Last night I decided to steal some time for me, absorbing the new feeling and sensations that are apparent around me.  I am conscious that I need to experience 5D again, I need to extract myself from the work I have been doing the past few weeks.  It is time to take a short interval and go for a trip into my higher dimensions.  A soul sister sent me a wonderful meditation, and I can tell you that I felt like I was floating, a natural high, and an escape from reality.  What I can say being in the present moment and meditating is somehow very much different than before, it is hard to describe it with words, but deeper seems appropriate.

I went to sleep completely relaxed, in peace, happy and content with me – and I was so tired too!  Unfortunately never enough sleep,  I had a realisation I was lucid dreaming,  having the feeling of the presence of my twin in the dreams, but her not actually being present in them – it was quite strange I can tell you.  There was a place for her, as if at a table waiting for her to join us, but whatever was happening we continued without waiting.  Perhaps there is a message for me here, and this is how I have interpreted it – life goes on, we must live in the moment and appreciate all that we have, she is with me, her presence is felt.

I was talking to a soul sister this morning, we were discussing a lot of things, and we were laughing about how far we have come, how much more happier we are, no fears, no qualms, no expectations and a mission moving forward.  We have helped each other for what feels like a lifetime, but in fact has only been 3 months – and this is something that is quite incredible, just how far everyone has progressed along the ascension path in a short period of time.  We took stock of the real situation of how we have got to grasps of the Twin Flame journey, how important it is to have fellow twins, and/or soul family to speak with, to share our experiences with.

Now others are finding us, after long periods of not being in touch, just appearing out of the blue whether by email or visiting – and they are all saying wow you look younger, you look  radiant, you look new – wow all these compliments – people are attracted to us for the light we are shining.  Next time you are out, take a look around you, and remember the times that you were socialising with your twin (if you had that experience) did people say to you then, wow you are a perfect couple, oh you look so much in love!  I recall these on many occasions, and then some of us did not know about the journey we are on.

It is time to take stock of ourselves, to be proud of what we have achieved – to thank our twin for giving us the shove we needed to really get to the core of who we are. Take the negative associations away from your life – remove those that serve no good in your life; it is essential that only positivity exists, as this promotes more positivity around you and your home.  I see people looking in at my home each day – it is the energy they feel, they are drawn.  It does not offend me in anyway, it makes me feel proud of who I am.  It is important that each and everyone of you also feels proud of the work you have done within yourselves, don’t be worried about your twin, they are doing what ever they want to, the same as you are.  Live your own life, knowing they are always with you and when the opportunity is right you will know, and you will connect.

Take away all expectations of  reunion, take away all fears and enjoy the moment of today – you may not be around in the next few hours.  Be proud of who you are, be proud of all that you have done and again give thanks to yourself and your twin for where you are today.  Self appreciation is an essential part of this journey, become that bright strong light, let it shine brightly for all to see and feel – let the energy flow and multiplicity is bound to happen.  Love all of you – and love will be reflected back – what you transmit is returned, just remember that my friends.

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