Five Fifty Five!

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Five Fifty Five

I was woken this day at five fifty five

Just to remind me that I am alive

Today as I began my fiftieth year

I truly appreciate all that is dear


I saw the morning sun awake

Reminded me of a time near a lake

This year I will make and create all that I need

Also give something and time for a good deed


I know my path I have laid it before

Behind me I have closed that dark door

Forty nine I have lived fifty more to go

Oh I feel alive so much more to grow


I will make it fun and I cannot wait

For sure remember this time and date

I am coming for my love to bring you home

This is a journey we shall do together not alone


These things I know and feel inside

And not afraid I shall not hide

I saw the light, it woke me up

Now I am just like a pup


Today I live, tomorrow shall be

Most important is I am finally ME!

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